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Good Times, Good Times

on October 5, 2016

Last Friday, I told everybody on Facebook that it was my mom’s birthday and I wasn’t going to be on Facebook too much because my family was having a weekend birthday celebration for my mom (she told me not to tell anybody how old she is so I can’t tell you that she’s getting up there as grandpa kept telling her).

I took lots and lots of pictures of everything we did on all three days and then I made the best pictures into scrapbook pages for memory keeping.  On the Friday, Aaron and Josh and me and mom, we ate a fast food restaurant but I didn’t take any pictures of that because it was a fast food restaurant.  The fun thing is that there was a meal deal special going on so everybody in our party had the meal deal special.

Anyway, here’s the scrapbook picture of the first day.


Gatlinburg is all decorated up for the October Fall Festival, so that made it even more festive (I love that word).  We did a lot of walking up and down the main street, and my Mohawk Grandpa and my Grandma came with so we could celebrate together.  We stopped at a lot of places including the candy making places where they make taffy and fudge and other delicious stuff like that.  Then we rocked in rocking chairs and listened to some free bluegrass music.  After that, we got to go on this ride called “Earthquake: The Ride” and it was so much fun, I want to go back on that ride again really soon.

Then on the second day of my mom’s weekend birthday celebration, we did some more great stuff.


We went to the Knoxville Museum of Art on Saturday.  It’s totally free to get in so that was a bonus!  We spent a whole bunch of time there and we got to see so many paintings and sculptures and miniature showcases (there’s another name for that but I can’t remember what it is right now).  I especially liked the painting of the horses dancing with the one horse playing the piano, and plus, I liked the upside down Mona Lisa made with spools of sewing thread that was upside right when you looked at it in the glass bubble on the stick.  It was kind of a glass on a stick moment so that made it even way more cool.

Then we went to Sevierville where there was a ribbon cutting at the brand new movie theater place and there was a fair going on in the parking lot.  After that, we got to eat at my mom’s favorite Chinese and Japanese buffet restaurant (those things aren’t in the scrapbook page for Day 2).  That was so much fun!!!

And then on the last day of my mom’s weekend birthday celebration, we did even more great stuff.


This was my mom’s official birthday (because it was the real day she got born on) so Aaron and Josh and me, we took her to this restaurant called The Alamo.  Aaron and Josh paid for most of the dinner, and I paid for a little bit of it.  Mom didn’t pay for any of it.

After that, we met up with Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and we went back to Gatlinburg to do more walking and celebrating.  We got to play miniature golf at “Treasure Quest” where they play the Indiana Jones music outside and lots of old-fashioned music inside where you play golf.  I found out that I’m not a very good golfer but I’m a really great “Treasure Quest Game” finder because I found a pearl and a ring and a chest and bullion and a earring and a medallion that were lost treasures hiding in the miniature golf game.

We even went wine tasting except some of us couldn’t (that would be us kids because we’re not old enough to drink alcohol) and that was okay because Aaron’s old enough to drive mom’s car so we didn’t have to worry about mom not having fun tasting wine.  We went to lots of places on the Wine Trail (actually only three places).

Every place we stopped, mom said what wine she liked the best, and then Aaron would give Grandpa Barrett the money to buy it for my mom.  So mom got a bottle of wine from Aaron, and a bottle of wine from Josh, and a bottle of wine from me (that’s the three bottles in the scrapbook page for Day 3).  Mom even won a box of crackers and some delicious cheese at one place when she played one of their special games.

The whole weekend was a adventure but you know what we forgot?  We forgot to make my mom a birthday cake!  She said it was okay we forgot because she had so much fun with everything we got to do for her weekend so that made me feel way better about forgetting the cake part.

And that’s how the weekend went.

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