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Cheeseburgers and the Internet

on September 28, 2016

Probably you guys are wondering where I went last week that I didn’t put a entry up last week and then I didn’t put another letter up on Friday’s “To The Letter” page.  Here’s the thing.  On the Sunday before last Wednesday, it was National Cheeseburger Day, and when I asked my mom to celebrate it with cheeseburgers she said she already took chicken out for supper.

So I phoned my one grandma and grandpa up and asked them to have a cheeseburger for me if they were going to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day and instead, they showed up with cheeseburgers from the local fast food place close to our house.  My mom was surprised they showed up, and then my grandpa said it wouldn’t be right to not have cheeseburgers on National Cheeseburger Day.  They never even told her I phoned to let them know it was National Cheeseburger Day but my mom is superly smart and she figured it out with nobody saying anything.  So I got in dutch for that, and I got consequenced off the Internet.

But then, when I got back on the Internet, I got a scary surprise.  I was in my big brother Aaron’s bedroom using his computer (because he was reading a book for college work so he gave me permission to use his computer while he was there) and when I went on Facebook, I got this message from a stranger.  It was a very scary message and I didn’t even know the man and plus he was saying I owed him lots and lots and lots of money that I don’t owe him because I don’t even know who the man is.  This is the message the strange man sent me.


I started crying because I didn’t know what the man was going to do if I didn’t send him money I don’t owe him, and right away, my brother Aaron jumped off his bed and came to find out what was wrong on Facebook.  When he read the message, he got really mad at the man because he said he knew that man was a stranger to me.

“Missy, I’m taking a screenshot of this,” Aaron told me, “and then I’m reporting him to Facebook.  Then I’m blocking him from being able to see you, and I’m banning him from your Fan Page so he can’t contact you on Facebook ever again.”

I told him I never talked with the man ever in my whole entire life, and he said he knew that.  He said there are people like this on social media and that’s why mom says that either Aaron or another approved adult on her list has to be with me when I’m on social media.

I was so upset that Aaron said I needed to take time off of the Internet so I went and phoned my Grandpa Barrett and told him all about the man on Facebook and what he wrote to me.  My grandpa said, “That man is a nincompoop, Missy.  You did the right thing telling Aaron, and Aaron did the right thing reporting and banning that nincompoop from your page.”

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand some of my mom’s rules, but then something really superly scary like this happens, and I’m happy my mom has rules and makes me and Josh and Aaron follow them.

If something scary like what happened to me happens to you, just tell a grown-up right away.  I’m still scared but at least I wasn’t so scared that I couldn’t come to my blog and warn everybody about this bad thing that happened to me on the Internet.  And a big thank you shout-out to my big brother, Aaron, for keeping me safe.


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