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Planes, Propellers, and Posters

on September 16, 2016

With all the letters that got sent to me, I even got a letter from the College of Aviation at Western Michigan University.  It was so amazing to find out so many cool things, including they connection they have to WACO planes!  Here’s the letter for you to read yourself.


Mr. Thinnes was right when he said the best part of flying in the WACO biplane was first-hand experience of the wonders of flight.  It was so exciting that it made me think about being a pilot and a private eye detective.  If you like airplanes you don’t only have being a pilot as a option.  You can get a job doing other stuff that’s airplane related and that’s important to know because maybe someone loves airplanes but doesn’t want to be a pilot.

Anyway, Mr. Thinnes also sent me a poster with airplanes on one side and lots of important aviation industry information on the other side.  I put the poster up on my wall in my bedroom so I can look at beautiful airplanes even on cloudy days.

Also, I never knew before that if you went to a College of Aviation there was so much you can do after that!  And plus I found out that the WMU College of Aviation is on social media:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

They’re superly friendly on social media so you should follow them and find out lots about piloting and flight science and all the other important stuff that’s part of aviation.  Oh, and also, I found out on their Facebook page that WMU College of Aviation knows Envoy Air and that’s great because I know Envoy Air, too!

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