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The Best National Day Ever

on September 11, 2016

There’s lots and lots of National Days.  There’s special days for animals and special days for people.  There’s special days for food and special days for planets.  But here’s the best news:  Now there’s a brand new National Day and starting this year, and happening every year after this one, is National Grandparents Day.

Actually, my mom says that the first National Grandparents Day was in 1978.  President Jimmy Carter (he was the President of the United States back then) said that the first Sunday after Labor Day was National Grandparents Day.  He even signed a proclamation that said so.

Then on Friday (that was two days ago) President Barack Obama made another proclamation and he said that he was “proclaiming September 11, 2016 as National Grandparents Day.”

Except that doesn’t make sense to me because it already was National Grandparents Day because September 11, 2016 is the first Sunday after Labor Day.  So I guess President Obama was just saying that it’s still National Grandparents Day and that’s a good thing because grandparents need a special day that’s all about celebrating them (besides their birthdays and stuff like that).

This year is kind of a sad celebration because some kids don’t have grandparents to celebrate because of what happened on September 11 in 2001.

If you’re a grandpa or a grandma that doesn’t have grandkids that live close to you, maybe you can adopt some kids close to you that don’t have a grandpa or grandma that lives close to them.

And if you have a grandpa and grandma in your life, even if they live far away, make up your mind to start making them a important part of your life every single day because people are important, not things.  Things you can replace, but you can never replace people.

So have a fantastic National Grandparents Day today, and be sure to spread as much love around your neighborhood as you can.

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