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Envoy Air Believes In Me

on September 9, 2016

The next letter I’m sharing with everybody is one I got from Envoy Air. They’re part of American Airlines, and they have their head office in Fort Worth in Texas.  They have a hub at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and one at O’Hare International Airport (that’s in Chicago).

Here’s what the friendly people at Envoy Air wrote to me (all of them).

Anyway, Envoy used to be American Eagle Airlines (you can see that on the picture that was part of the letter they sent me) back in 1998 and then in 2014, they got their new name, Envoy Air.  I was at their website and it said that Envoy is getting 40 new E175 airplanes to go with the E140s and E145s and Bombardier CRJ-700s they already have.

Then I read that Envoy is hiring more pilots and flight attendants, and a lot of them, too.  If you know a really superly good pilot or flight attendant that wants a great job, you should tell them all about Envoy Air because maybe that’s where they need to get a job.  Probably Envoy is going to need more mechanics, so if you know a amazing mechanic looking for a job, send them to Envoy to get a job.

I mostly want to be a private eye detective that also flies planes, but maybe I can get a part-time job at Customer Service when I go to college.  That way I could go to school when I’m supposed to, and plus make money to go to school, and on top of all that, I could talk to other Envoy people about what they do at work.

My grandpa says that a great way to figure out what you want to do for a career is to talk to people that already have that career.  Then you get to hear first-hand what you need to know to make up your mind for sure.

Anyway, Envoy Air has a blog just like I do and you can find it by clicking HERE.  Maybe someday, Envoy Air is going to link to my blog and tell their blog friends to come see what I’m doing on my blog.

2 responses to “Envoy Air Believes In Me

  1. Elyse Bruce says:

    Not only was the article liked on Twitter, it was retweeted by this person.

  2. […] on their Facebook page that WMU College of Aviation knows Envoy Air and that’s great because I know Envoy Air, […]

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