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So Many National Days

on August 17, 2016

I was looking at all the National entries on my blog, and I just realized that there’s an awful lot of National Days out there.  There’s a National Day for probably everything in the whole wide world!

I got to thinking about that.  Then I got my big brother, Aaron, to help me do some research.  It was super important private eye secret detectiving research.  What we found out is that there really isn’t a National Day for everything.  Not exactly.  We found out that there’s NOT a National Day for some things.  More about this later.

In other interesting news, I have a new book coming out at the end of the month.  It’s all about me and Marc Hightower and my grandpa and a 1927 Waco Straight wing airplane.  We’re having a party to celebrate and there’s going to be door prizes and give-aways and grab bags and way more.  Everyone at the celebration is going to meet Marc Hightower and he’s a real life pilot and he has a real 1927 Waco Straight wing airplane that’s not a replica.  It’s the real deal that he worked on so hard, and now he takes people on biplane tours in Sevierville (that’s in Tennessee).

Anyway, in two weeks, it’s going to be the day after the party, so I’m going to put up pictures so if you can’t make it to the party, you can still see all the fun we had (and maybe you can make it to the next party for the next book after this one when it comes out).

Until then, you can get regular updates on what’s going on with everything as the book launch party gets closer and closer.  Just go to this link on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1338136566201223/.  That’s the event page.  Or just go to my Fan Page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MissyBarrettFanPage and then click on EVENTS and then click on AUGUST 30 and voila! there you are at the party page.

If you think you might go to the party click on the GOING tab.  If you can’t make it, that’s okay.  Just click on the INTERESTED tab so you can get updates in the Facebook news feed.

There’s even stuff on my website at www.missybarrett.com, so be sure to stop there, too.

Lots of people are helping to make this party awesome and exciting and fun, and next week, I’m going to the names of those people helping so you can go to their Facebook and Twitter pages and like their Facebook pages and follow their Twitter pages.  Also, it would be superly great if you could share the Event Page link everywhere and tell people to also go to my website for updates.  There’s going to be a lot of them I think.

And here’s one of the flyers you can download to share on social media so people know all about the party (and show up for it).  Remember to show up for the fun, and stay for the excitement!  So until next week, this is Missy Barrett, #PossibleFuturePilot, signing off for another week.



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