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Movie Magic by Mother Nature

on July 20, 2016

I like movies.  I like them a lot.  I like old movies, and I like new movies.  I like Technicolor movies, and I even like black-and-white movies.  And I like movies because there’s so much magic in them.  Sound effects magic.  Special effects magic.  Story magic.  It’s all about the magic.

Yesterday after supper, I was out in my backyard when I saw some real life movie magic in my own neighborhood.  It was so amazing that it was even more amazing then a bunch of CGI stuff like what they put in movies that J.J. Abrams makes.  It was so amazing that I ran back in the house to get my picture-taking camera because my camera has a movie making setting on it.

So there I was in the backyard with my picture-taking camera that has a movie making setting on it, and the real life movie magic was going on so I filmed it.  It was so amazing that I made a note in my head to ask my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett if I can get a real video camera for my birthday next month (not a expensive one, just a real one so I don’t have to use my picture-taking camera on the movie making setting anymore).

Probably you’re wondering if there was a Hollywood camera crew in my backyard but that’s not what I saw seeing.  I was seeing Mother Nature’s movie about lightning in the clouds.

Later on, I’m going to put that video up on my Facebook Fan Page and then I’m going to put the link on my blog entry so you can see the movie magic by Mother Nature.  I think you’re going to be impressed.

LINK TO THE VIDEO:  Click HERE to watch it in a new window.

P.S.  I really hope that the movie making setting on my picture-taking camera worked because it would be sad if I said I was posting a video of it and then had to tell you guys that there’s no video.


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