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Special Summer Alert!

on July 17, 2016

So two weeks ago on Thursday, it was National Chocolate Day.  Then last Thursday, it was National Hot Dog Day.  And today is another National Day you have to celebrate and that’s why I have this Special Summer Alert on my blog.


Probably you don’t know this (because I didn’t until by brother Aaron told me), but President Ronald Reagan made the third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day back in 1984 so it’s been around way longer than me and my brothers have been alive.  That’s a really superly long time you know.

And plus, when a President says it’s National Ice Cream Day, you have to make it the best celebration ever and that’s why I’m starting off my day right.

Keep Calm Ice Cream

I already check the freezer part of our fridge and there’s two different kinds of ice cream in there just waiting for National Ice Cream Day to start:  Cookies’n’Cream and Chocolate.  I think maybe my mom is going to buy French Vanilla, too, when we go shopping because she really likes French Vanilla ice cream.

Just so you have lots of interesting facts to share with everybody on National Ice Cream Day, here’s a chart Aaron and me found on the Internet.  That’s how I found out that vanilla ice cream is the most popular ice cream flavor.  But I still like Chocolate (#2) and Cookies’n’Cream (#8) the most.

Be sure to tell me what your favorite kind of ice cream is in the Comments section after this blog entry.  Maybe if enough people say what their favorite flavor is, I can make a chart up and see if it matches up with the chart that was on the Internet!

Ice Cream Facts

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