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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

on June 29, 2016

This summer there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.  That’s what Wesley called it when I saw him on his front porch on Monday.

I went over there to let him know that tomorrow, me and Josh are going back with Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob but not my three boy cousins.  My three boy cousins are going on a camping trip with my one grandma and my Mohawk grandpa for two whole weeks.  Betcha they’re going to have lots of fun because everytime I do something with my one grandma and my Mohawk grandpa, I just can’t believe how much fun it is!

Then after the camping trip, they’re going to go visit my Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie and my cousins (Sammy, Alana, and Karl) up in Chicago.  Then my grandma and my grandpa and my three boy cousins are going to go back to my mom’s place.

Wesley thought that was a lot of goin’ on (that’s what he called it), and I said, “But wait! There’s more!”  Wesley laughed, mostly I think because I probably sounded like a infomercial man.  Anyway, I told him that when they got back to my mom’s house, that Aaron was going to drive my boy cousins back to my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob’s house, and guess what he was going to do when he got there?

Wesley didn’t know so I told him,  “He’s going to pick Josh and me up, and bring us back home!”

That’s when Wesley said it sounded like there was a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on, and I think he’s right.  So I don’t know how much Internet time I’m going to get because with all that shakin’ goin’ on, probably Josh is going to need to share my Internet time.  That’s okay with me because he’s my brother.

Besides, maybe he won’t need so much Internet time because my Uncle Bob says that Josh is going to be interning with him, and that sounds like a lot of hard work (and fun, too).  So next week, I’ll let you guys know all about what’s going on just like always.  See you next Wednesday!


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