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Deputy Dan and the Dollywood Express

on June 15, 2016

Monday was National Weed Your Garden Day and you won’t believe how hot it was at my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob’s place!  It was in the 90s.  My mom says that 70 degrees is a good room temperature so you can imagine how hot it was when it was 20 degrees hotter than good room temperature.

Aunt Sissy and me weeded her garden way early in the morning before it got way too hot, and then she packed me and my three boy cousins up and took us to Dollywood.  When we got there, she had to park really far away from the entrance because already there were way lots of people there.

We got to take a tram to the entrance instead, and when we got on board, the driver told everybody to remember that this stop was called Dolly’s Earrings.  That made me giggle because if Dolly has as many earrings as there were cars parked in that area, she sure has a lot of earrings.

There were lots of great things at Dollywood even though we didn’t get to do everything.  Mostly we didn’t get to do everything because when you have five people in a group, you have to make things fair for five people.  That means some things don’t get done or seen.  But some things you don’t know you’re going to see you wind up seeing like when we were walking around, we got to see the Smoky Mountain String Band.

Smoky Mountain String Band

At another place in Dollywood, there was this lady and she was making all kinds of beautiful things out of clay.  She already had a lot cups and plates and bowls and stuff finished but lots of people probably buy everything she makes because she was making even more stuff.  This is the pottery lady making a cup.  Probably it looks easy to you but I watched her and it’s not so easy as you think.

Pottery Lady

We got to go on the Dollywood Express train.  Before we rode the train, I read what the handout at the entrance said about the train.  It said is was a “authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine” and when we were riding the Dollywood Express train, the man on the speaker said that it was the kind of train that used to go through the Smoky Mountains.

I liked the sound the whistle made.  I wondered what it would be like to be my age back in the olden days and the train wasn’t so far away from me and then I heard the whistle.  Probably the train came by at the same time everyday so the whistle would let people know what time of day it was because of the whistle blowing.

Dollywood Train

We got to go to Jukebox Junction where Aunt Sissy wanted to see one of the music shows.  I was taking a lot of pictures before we went inside the Pines Theater.  I even took a picture of Deputy Dan and then he pointed at me and blew his whistle.  I thought I was in trouble so I apologized for taking his picture with no permission.  Know what he said?  He said that was okay, and that he pointed at me and blew his whistle so I would get a super fantastic picture of him.  He was right.  I did get a super fantastic picture of Deputy Dan!

Police Officer Blowing His Whistle

There were lots of great things to see and do, and we were there until after regular suppertime mostly because we were having so much fun at Dollywood.  Then Aunt Sissy said it was time to go home, and on the way out, guess what I saw in the place you have to go through to get out?  I saw the most beautiful display ever!  Look what was on it.

Unicorns and Teddy Bears

Unicorns and teddy bears!!!!  Whoever made that display needs to get a four hearts award from me so hopefully they’re going to read this entry and go to my Facebook page to get their four hearts award from me.

I think there’s going to be lots and lots of things for me to write about while I’m on vacation at Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob’s house with my three boy cousins.  And plus, I hope I get to see more bunny rabbits because I saw already three of them in their backyard and they were having lots of fun playing together.



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