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Today’s A Special Day

on June 8, 2016

Today  is National Best Friends Day!  That’s great because lots of people are going to make lots of other people feel so happy when they find out that they’re each other’s best friend.

I have friends.  Some are just plain old every day friends.  Some are friends I wish I could see more except they live far away from me now.  Some are super good friends.  But my all-time best friends are Sali Dali Cat and Oreo Speedwagon.

Probably you guys are wondering how come my best friends are cats.  It’s because cats always listen to you when you talk.  If you need them, you can just pet them and they don’t run away.  If you say something mean or stupid, they walk away but they don’t say something mean or stupid back.  And if you say something mean or stupid, they’re going to forgive you for saying something mean or stupid.  Usually they forgive you around supper time so you can apologize and pet them and then give them food.

If you have a best friend or two, today is the day to let them know how much you appreciate them.  Send them a email or make them a picture of you and them doing something together that you always do together.  You could even invite them over for chocolate ice cream because yesterday was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and then you can tell them if there’s another National Day coming up this week.

Tomorrow is National Donald Duck Day.  Friday is National Iced Tea Day (and who doesn’t like iced tea on a hot summer day).  Saturday is National German Chocolate Cake Day (lots of chocolate celebrationing going on this week).  Then on Sunday, it’s National Loving Day so that’s the day when you get to be extra loving to everybody you love.

On the weekend, I’m starting summer holidays at my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and my three boy cousins’s place.  My mom is going with me but not Aaron or Josh because they have summer jobs to go to, and then my mom is going back home because she has other work to do.  This is my special holiday time away from all of my family.

That means I’ll be getting there just in time for National Weed Your Garden Day so that means me and Aunt Sissy are going to celebrate that day together — probably all day long, and that makes me happy.


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