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Why I Love Hiking

on June 1, 2016

I love hiking.  I love hiking in National parks. I love hiking in State parks.  I even love hiking in City parks.  And what I like doing when I go hiking is taking pictures.  That’s why my mom gave me a old digital camera she used to have from before I got born (that’s how old it is).

The last time I went hiking, it was with my grandma and Mohawk grandpa and my brothers, Josh and Aaron.  It wasn’t a very long hike because it was only part of one afternoon and that’s okay.  It’s okay because it doesn’t matter how long a hike is as long as you keep your eyes out for neat things to take pictures of when you’re hiking.

I saw lots of neat things on my last hike.  First I saw these pretty pink flowers.

Pink Flowers

Then later on, I saw these pretty white flowers.

White Flowers

If you pay attention, you see all kinds of beautiful things, and not just flowers either.  If you pay attention, you can see animals like these butterfly friends.


I also saw this squirrel.


The only way you get pictures like the last two is by being very quiet and not moving.  That’s what my grandpa says, and he must be right because the butterflies were almost on top of my feet and the squirrel was pretty much beside me when I took his picture.  They all let me take their pictures because they knew I was going to be nice to them.  And plus I already proved that I was nice by being super quiet and standing like a statue kind of not moving still.

You should make one day a week a hiking day even if it’s just a part of a day hiking day.  Just grab your digital camera and invite at least one friend to go with so you’re safe together.  Then have fun and takes loads and loads of pictures.  Even if some of them don’t turn out, it’s just digital.  You can delete the really bad pictures and nobody will ever know you took any bad pictures.

If you have great pictures from hiking, you can share them in the Comments section of this post.  I love looking at pictures even when I don’t take them.

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