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Pluto Forever

on May 25, 2016

I love Pluto.  Everybody knows I love Pluto.  It’s not a secret.  And it’s not a secret I want Pluto to get made a planet again by NASA after they deplaneted it a long time ago because it should’ve never gotten deplaneted in the first place.

Yesterday I was at the post office with my mom because she needed to mail some stuff and plus she needed more stamps.  That’s when I fell in love with the United States Postal Service.  Over the counter where the Post Office people work there was this beautiful banner with pictures of new stamps on it.  Guess what was on the banner?  This!

Pluto Forever

Yes, that’s right.  That is a Pluto Forever stamp from the USPS.  They love Pluto a lot just like me.  They made Pluto a Forever stamp and that means they love Pluto and want Pluto to be forever, not just here today, gone tomorrow.   And because the USPS is on earth, they even made a Earth stamp and I think that double says that the USPS cares a whole lot about Pluto.  Here’s what the Earth stamp looks like.

Earth Forever
I’m going to write to the Postmaster General (my mom said that’s the person in charge of the USPS, and that Benjamin Franklin was the first ever Postmaster General of the United States of America) and thank her (because the Postmaster General right now is the first ever woman Postmaster General) for standing with Pluto.  It means so much to me that somebody else (in this case, someone superly important) living on Earth cares about Pluto as much as I care about Pluto.

The next time you go to the Post Office to buy stamps, make sure you get Pluto Forever stamps and Earth Forever stamps, so everyone knows that Pluto needs to be a planet again just like Earth is a planet.  That will mean you stand with Missy Barrett (that’s me) on fighting for Pluto’s right to be what it is:  A Planet!


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