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A Day Late But I Have A Good Reason

on May 19, 2016

Yesterday, I didn’t get my blog entry up on time because I’ve been working really hard with my Mohawk grandpa to finish up the special Mother’s Day surprise I made for my mom on Mother’s Day.  He’s fixing it up with me because he knows how to make it way more better than how I made it (except that I did a pretty good job and plus I had a plan to follow so that makes finishing it up with my grandpa pretty easy to do).

Anyway, I was too tired yesterday to write a blog entry so instead I went to bed at a earlier time than my usual bedtime.  That’s mostly because I’ve been doing so much work like the Mother’s Day surprise finishing up project and kitchen duty for my brothers (they’re not doing kitchen duty for two whole weeks).

My grandpa says the project should probably be mostly done in time for the surprise trip on Friday.  Probably you can’t guess where everybody is going (unless you always read my blog and my Facebook page because then for sure you already know where I’m going with my grandma and grandpa and mom and Josh and Aaron).

I’m taking my friend, Missy Bear, with me just like last year.  Here’s a picture of Missy Bear holding the fortune she got out of her Chinese fortune cookie at supper last night.  Can you guess where we’re going?

Missy Bear 2016_SMALL

If you can guess where we’re going, write it in the Comments section under this blog entry.  I’ll let you know on Friday if you’re right (mostly because I’m going to probably write another blog entry on Friday so watch for it except it’s going to be not in the early part of Friday).

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