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Two Celebrating Days In One

on May 14, 2016

Today is the best, most awesome day I could ever ask for because there’s two International Days happening at exactly the same time.  First of all, it’s Follow Your Unicorn Dreams day and on top of that, it’s Happy International Astronomy Day!!!

So it’s all about unicorns and Pluto, and that makes today the best day ever.

Astronomy League
My Grandpa Barrett, he used to be scientist before he decided to just be a grandpa.  He wasn’t a astronomy scientist but he knows some astronomy scientists, and he knows that his granddaughter, Missy Barrett (that would be me) loves, loves,loves Pluto.  I also like the rest of outer space but I mostly love Pluto for lots of reasons I also wrote about on my blog so far.

Anyway, tonight my Grandpa Barrett is taking me and my brothers, Josh and Aaron, to the observatory.

We’re going to see Jupiter up close because NASA said it’s going to be easy to see at around 9 at night.  Then we’re going to look for Mars and Saturn if I can stay awake that long because they’re going to be easy to see at around 11 at night.

My grandpa said we’re going to even look at the Sombrero Galaxy.  I didn’t even know that galaxies knew about Mexico, but I guess they do because there’s one with the name of a Mexican hat!

Also, we’re going to look for the Whirlpool Galaxy, and that’s funny because my mom has a washing machine and it has Whirlpool on it so maybe that’s the washing up place for galaxies that get dirty.  Just joking!

Anyway, part of having a Happy International Astronomy Day is having unicorn dreams.  Some people say that it’s crazy talk to have sparkly unicorn dreams but that’s only because they don’t know how to make dreams come true.

I love unicorns.  I love how you can imagine all kinds of great things that have to do with unicorns.  Most of all, I like that unicorns are make-believe but people still believe in them and believe that they’re magic.

Dreams are like that.  They’re magic if you believe in them.

Here’s one of my unicorn dreams that’s a Follow Your Unicorn Dream:  Someday soon, Pluto is going to be called a real planet again and all the people that deplaneted Pluto are going to apologize to Pluto when the replanet Pluto again.

And that’s how today got to be the best, most awesome day in the whole wide world ever because the two celebrations fit together perfect like ham and cheese on a sandwich.  Plus I get to stay up late tonight and double plus, I get to stay up late tonight because of my Grandpa Barrett.  It just doesn’t get too much better than that, people!

P.S.  My Mohawk grandpa and me worked on the surprise I made for my mom last weekend for Mother’s Day.  It looks a lot different but he says it’s going to look pretty much like I made it when it’s finished, and that’s going to probably be the day before we drive to Sevierville for Bloomin’ BBQ and Bluegrass again this year.  🙂

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