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The Super Special Mother’s Day Surprise

on May 11, 2016

On the weekend it was Mother’s Day and I kind of got into some trouble and kind of didn’t get into some trouble.  Here’s what happened.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asking Roy and his friends to save up and give me a bunch of empty nail boxes.  My mom knew about that because I had all of them in the garage, and I said I was working on a super special project. So that wasn’t what got me in trouble.

Also, I’ve been helping our neighbors with their gardens and taking away their extra no good dirt.  Mostly Mrs. Whittington next door and Wesley from across the street because they have really big flower beds in the front of their houses and food gardens in the back of their houses.  That isn’t what got me in trouble either.

All the extra no good dirt I collected got packed in the empty nail boxes in the garage.  I kept them in a nice pile like what they do at the garden center at the local hardware store that sells plants for summer planting.

On Saturday, I got Aaron to make semi-circles for me on cardboard so they would fit on a flat cardboard box square.  It looked like this.

SemiCircles and Square
So that looks like a really easy pattern for a kid like me to follow, and it was.  It was easy peasy super breezy.

Then I made sure I had enough empty nail boxes with extra no good dirt to go with the plan, and I didn’t, so I went over to Wesley’s house and got some more dirt.  He kind of yelled at me but mostly because I didn’t clear it with him first.  But he yelled at me only after I got enough extra no good dirt in my wagon, so that was good.

On Mother’s Day, I got up really early (even before the sun woke up) and I soaked the part of the backyard where I was going to put my pattern.  That made is really easy for me to dig.  All I had to keep on doing was to put the cardboard parts in the places where I already did my digging.

It’s always a good idea to have a working plan when you do something like this.  That’s what my Mohawk grandpa says when he does stuff like this.

Then after I got the pattern put in the grass (except there was zero zip grass where the pattern was because I didn’t need grass there anymore), I started getting those empty nail boxes with extra no good dirt in them out of the garage.  I put them down in the pattern like you’re supposed to do if you have bricks.  Except I didn’t have bricks.  They cost a lot of money so I improvised and that’s something my Mohawk grandpa says is a good thing to do, too.

So I got all the parts put in perfect and my mom was still asleep.  Aaron got up early (but not as early as me) and he came outside to see my hard work.  He told me that probably I was going to get in trouble but then he helped me get all the grass lumps picked up and on the backyard cement blocks.

(Actually Aaron got up early so he could make mom a nice Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.)

Then Josh got up, and he saw my surprise.  He thought maybe Grandma and Grandpa should come over and see it just in case mom needed help.  I didn’t get that part because mom didn’t need help.  It was right there in the middle of our backyard and really easy to see.  And plus, it’s big enough for a nice comfy Adirondack chair and a side table so she can read a book in the backyard in the summer, and have a nice drink of lemonade and some cookies beside her.

Anyway, when Grandma and Grandpa got there, mom was surprised, and then everybody went in the backyard to see the present I made for my mom.  She kind of didn’t know what to say, and she got tears in her eyes.  I think she probably really liked what I did.

Grandpa said he’s going to come over next weekend with some bricks to replace my homemade ones.  He said he’s going to finish my beautiful surprise.

Mom says I’m going to have to work with Grandpa and do everything he tells me to do to fix what I did.  I figured that Grandpa would have to put real bricks in afterwards but I don’t think he’s going to have to fix anything.

Mom says I have kitchen duty for the next two weeks and that means Josh and Aaron don’t have to peel potatoes or do dishes or anything.  That’s why I think I kind of got in trouble but I don’t know what for exactly.  I guess it’s because I got up way too early and nobody knew I was outside.  That’s probably what the punishment is for.


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