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Today Is A Superly Special Day

on April 27, 2016

Today is “Tell A Story Day” so I hope you have that on your calendar and in your daytimer book as a activity for you to do.

I think every day should be tell-a-story day because everybody should do a little make-believe every single day just for fun.  Why?  Because make-believe stretches your imagination so it’s exercise for your brains.

Now, just because you’re telling a story doesn’t mean it has to be a totally made-up story.  You can tell a true story.  But the made-up parts are the parts that make the story even better.

If your story happens on a windy day, then do things or use words that are going to make people think of windy days.  If you’re really good, you can make people feel a little bit cold because of the make-believe wind that’s in the room with them.

That’s what I mean when I say it’s exercise for your brain.

All you grown-ups that say you aren’t good at telling stories, don’t worry about that.  Just sit down and tell your kids a story about when you were little.  Just do some homemade time traveling and put yourself back to when the story happened.  I think you’ll be happy you did that.

If you don’t think your memories are exciting, then just pick out a fairy tale and tell it with your whole heart and soul with sound effects and get excited about the story.  Don’t say you can’t do that because everybody can get excited about something!

Both of my grandpas are superly great storytellers.  My Grandpa Barrett likes to tell stories about what it was like growing up almost seventy years ago.  My Mohawk Grandpa likes to tell Mohawk stories, and they’re from a really long time ago before he got born.

Kids like me should tell a story to their family members at supper time tonight.  Make it fun and exciting and put lots of feelings into your story.  Make people want to ask you questions about your story like “what happened next” and “who was doing all that” and stuff like that.

If you like your story after you’ve told it, you can write it down and maybe make pictures to go with it over the next few days because that’s part of telling a story, too.

In other news, I’m collecting cardboard nail boxes because I have a new idea in my head about something cool to do.  When I say nail boxes, I mean like for pounding into wood, not like what Cassie and Mackie have at Shear Madness.


I’ve been collecting them for a couple weeks already, and I got a whole bunch of them from Roy and one of his friends.  After school, I’m going across the street from my house to ask Wesley if I can help him get his garden started.  It’s partly so I can help get the garden started and partly because I want to ask him if I can take away the dirt he doesn’t want for his garden.  You know, garbage dirt that plants don’t like growing in and stuff like that.  I think Wesley will say yes.


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