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The Moon and Jupiter

on April 20, 2016

NOTE:  This is Missy’s mom, Jenna.  I’d like to apologize to Missy’s readers for getting her blog entry up later than usual this week.


Hey everybody, did you see the spectacle in the sky last weekend?  I wish I could say that this is all about Pluto, but it’s not.  It’s about another planet not so far away from Pluto though.  It’s about Jupiter.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system but not in the whole entire galaxy.  And on Sunday night, if you looked up in the sky, you could see the Moon and plus a little teeny weeny spot of light that kind of looked like a star.

Except it wasn’t a star.  It was Jupiter!

Now, I don’t like Jupiter too much because the scientists working at NASA said that they think maybe Jupiter kicked a planet out of the solar system a bazillion years ago.  That’s not nice because maybe the planet just wanted to fit in (I wrote about what Jupiter did in another blog entry or else on my Facebook page.  I think it was on my Facebook page, but it could maybe be on my blog.  You should check for sure.).

Anyway, Jupiter has four moons, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io.  Io is where the dwarves from Snow White are from originally, and I think that maybe the people living in Europe wanted to live on Europa once upon a time before they knew a whole bunch about traveling in outer space.  I don’t know for sure about the Europa thing, but it’s a good guess, and that’s where the best science experiments come from — good guesses.

Maybe a NASA scientist can do a experiment to find out if that’s true except probably that scientist would have to work with somebody that knows a lot about the history of Europe.  I read on their website (the one NASA has) that Europa has a ocean that maybe could support life so my idea’s maybe not too crazy.

Getting back to Jupiter on Sunday night, this super big planet looked like it was the Moon’s moon.  Take a look at this picture my big brother Aaron took of the Moon and Jupiter hanging out together.

The Moon and Jupiter

So you get a idea of how awesome this is, Aaron told me that Jupiter is like 300 times bigger than Earth but the Moon is only one-quarter as big as Earth.  So that means that Jupiter is 1200 times bigger than the Moon!  If you like distance comparing better, Aaron said that Jupiter is 2,000 times more farther away from Earth than the Moon is.  That’s pretty amazing I think.

If you didn’t see the Moon and Jupiter on the weekend, don’t feel bad. The Moon and Jupiter have a return engagement booked for May 14, so just get out there and look for them to come to a night sky near you.

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