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In A Galaxy Not So Far Away

on April 13, 2016

I was going to write about this earlier today except that I needed more information so I did some Internet detectiving to get the details right.  This is because what I’m going to tell you has to do with outerspace and plus, it maybe will affect my favorite planet, Pluto.

Yesterday in the news there was a announcement that said this superly famous and crazy smart scientist called Stephen Hawking (I don’t know too much about him except he’s superly famous and crazy smart and a scientist) and Mark Zuckerberg (that’s the guy that invented Facebook where my Fan Page is) and a billionaire with a kajillion gazillion dollars told the whole wide world that they’re making interstellar travel come true.

They’re going to have these little teeny weeny computer chip size starships made and then they’re going to send them into outerspace to other galaxies.  They said that by the time I’m a grown-up, that maybe the baby spaceships are going to be for real and not just getting made.

Guess what else they said.

They said that there’s probably a planet just like Earth in the Alpha Centauri system.  I don’t know exactly where that is (the Alpha Centauri system), but I hear it a lot in science fiction shows and in scifi movies, so it’s probably not just a made-up galaxy if a scientist, a Facebook maker, and a billionaire want to go there.

In the before days, scientists said it was going to take 30,000 years to go from earth to Alpha Centauri but these three guys say that their spaceships can get there in 30 years.  That sure saves a lot of travel time!

I don’t get how they can make the little spaceships go so fast.  The scientist guy, Stephen Hawking, said that a humongous laser on Earth was going to push all of the spaceships.  I just hope it’s not a laser like the one Sali Dali Cat and Oreo Speedwagon chase because if it is, somebody’s going to have to be pushing all the time, every single day, for 30 years, until those spaceships get to where they’re going.

The three guys decided to name what they’re doing, “Breakthrough Starshot.”  That’s a pretty good name for it, except I think they should do something else before going to Alpha Centauri.

I think they should send little teeny tiny spaceships to Pluto (after they get back its planet status so it’s equal again) where there’s weather, and set up a environment for people.  The spaceships could take seeds on them and then just drop them on Pluto where the weather will take care of them, and make them grow.

Then people can colonize (I learned that word from Star Trek a long time ago) Pluto, and live there while the spaceships go to Alpha Centauri.  That would be good to do because what if the spaceships get to Alpha Centauri and there isn’t another planet there like Earth?

And I even know what they could call the biggest spaceship that goes to Pluto.  They could call it the USS Missy Barrett, and every week they could update Earth about how things are going on Pluto.

Is that the best idea, or what?


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