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All About Unicorns

on April 10, 2016

Probably you guys were wondering where I was all day Saturday because I wasn’t on Facebook.  Saturday was National Unicorn Day, and so I was doing boatloads of make-believe pretending I was a unicorn.


It was a lot of fun, mostly because I just love unicorns and I got to do a lot of galloping inside the house and outside the house and pretty much everywhere I went with my grandma and my Mohawk grandpa.

I also got to wear lots of different color clothes because unicorns are all about rainbows so if you’re pretending to be a unicorn, you need to wear lots of different colored clothes.  That’s what I did.

But you know, if you’re not a unicorn, that’s still okay.  Like I say sometimes:  In a world full of unicorns, sometimes it’s good to be a giraffe.

So this is all you have to remember about unicorns and celebrating unicorns:  National Unicorn Day is on April 9 every single year, and National Unicorn Awareness Day is on September 5 every single year, and World Unicorn Appreciation Day is on January 11 every single year.

That means that every single year, there’s three special unicorn days:  one for the day, one for awareness, and one for appreciation.

And World Giraffe Day is on June 21 so put that on your calendar, too, because it’s important.


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