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Even More News About Pluto

on April 6, 2016

Everybody here already knows that Pluto is my most favoritest planet of all even if scientists unplaneted it when I was really little and especially since it looks like it’s going to get to be called a planet again.  That’s because it has weather, and that’s something the NASA people said last month.  Pluto has weather!

Then there was this story in the news just a couple days ago that said that Pluto has bladed terrain and where there’s bladed terrain there’s blades, and where there’s blades there’s grass, and where there’s grass there’s weather conditions that make it grow.

And plus, where the grass is growing is called Tombaugh Regio (I think the NASA people made a mistake and forgot to put the letter ‘n’ at the end of Regio).

     NASA’s Picture From The Horizon Spaceship Last July

Did you know it takes six and a half days for Pluto to have a 24-hour Earth day?  That’s a real long time for one day, and probably if there were kids on Pluto, they would have to take lots of naps growing up just so they could make it through a whole entire Pluto day.

Anyway, also I want to say that NASA said yesterday that when the Horizon spacecraft drove past Pluto last summer, there were changes in how the solar wind was that far away from the Sun.  That’s probably how the scientists partly found out that Pluto has weather because wind is weather.

There was this man on the radio this morning and he was talking about Pluto going to go retrograde in a couple more weeks.

I know that this one time when I was way littler, there were these big machines and they were going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, in front of a brand new building that got built.  I asked my mom how come they were doing that and she said they were grading the parking lot.

Also I know that retro means olden days as in Retro TV being really old television shows from when before my mom was even born.

So if Pluto is going to go retrograde, that must mean that the weather is going to get ready for flattening some of the ground for when people from Earth get there so they can start building parking lots and new buildings right away.  It’s call retrograding because just before there were machines on Earth, the weather got to do all the hard work first, and that’s what the weather is doing on Pluto right now!

I’m superly excited that Pluto has weather, and I can hardly wait until the NASA people say that Pluto can be a planet again just like it is.  That’s going to be a day for a celebration for sure when NASA says that!


2 responses to “Even More News About Pluto

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  2. […] love Pluto.  Everybody knows I love Pluto.  It’s not a secret.  And it’s not a secret I want Pluto to get made a planet again […]

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