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The Pez Incident

on March 30, 2016

Everybody knows that last week was Easter weekend, and there were all kinds of stories on the Internet and in the newspaper about things that were so cute (like baby bunnies and baby ducks) and things that were bad choices (that’s what my mom calls them).  The bad choice I want to talk about is something I like to call, “The Pez Incident.”

*cue Missy Barrett mystery music*

If you didn’t already hear about this, you should read this one hundred percent so you don’t get in a Pez incident by accident.

Anyway, what happened is that Pez in Connecticut was having this annual Easter Egg Hunt, and just like you have to wait in line to buy tickets to go in to see a movie at the theater, the kids and their parents had to wait in line for the Easter egg hunting to start.  Except that there were these parents that were kind of mean to all the kids, and they charged onto the lawn before it was time to start Easter egg hunting, and they started getting all the eggs that were for the kids.

It was pretty bad, and what happened is that the Pez people just cancelled Easter because of what some of the not-listening parents did.  Yeah, I know.  Just like that, the Pez people said, “Easter is cancelled.  Nobody gets eggs.  Everybody go home.”

And lots of kids had to go home and be sad because some mean grown-ups wrecked it for everybody, including their own kids!

My mom didn’t take me anywhere to go Easter egg hunting.  She never does, and according to my big brother, Aaron, she never did.  She always hides chocolate (that’s for me) and Sudoku puzzle books (that’s for Aaron) and Copic markers (those are for Josh) all over the house, and then she gives us a treasure hunt list so we can check off what we find.  Then after the treasure hunt, we make sure Josh gets the  markers and Aaron gets the Sudoku puzzle books and I get the chocolate.

Except that I share my chocolate with my mom and other people that come over to visit.  Aaron doesn’t share his books, mostly because if you rip a page out of a puzzle book, there’s a page missing from the puzzle book and that’s not good at all.  Josh doesn’t share his Copic markers either but you know what he *does* share?  He does cartoon pictures of everybody and we get to keep our cartoons of ourselves.  I put mine in a special folder because I’ve kept all of my cartoon pictures since before I can remember getting one from Josh.

So people, here’s what I’m saying.  Don’t figure that a business should make the holiday surprises for your kids.  Make the surprises all on your own.  That way, if a mean grown-up tries to wreck your Easter egg hunt, you can phone the police and say, “There’s a mean grown-up at my house stealing all the Easter eggs and we don’t even know the grown-up’s name.  Please come and get the grown-up so the judge can lock him up and throw away the key.”

That’s kind of what the Pez people did at the Pez incident, except no grown-ups got thrown in jail by a judge.  But maybe some of them should have.


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