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Twisters and Trees

on March 23, 2016

Okay so Monday was International Day of Forests, and Tuesday was World Water Day, and today is World Meteorological Day (which is a very hard word to say if you’re like me).

What does meteorological mean?  It’s a hard word to say that means the topic is all about weather and weather forecasting, and plus, it’s also about what the weather does to our planet (and probably Pluto except that there’s nobody living on Pluto to celebrate Intergalactic Meteorological Day since NASA scientists said not so long ago that Pluto has weather, so we just have the World version).

Last Sunday was the first day of Spring, and that means that weather is going to change what happened in the months leading up to the first day of Spring.  In June, it’s going to be the first day of Summer, and weather is going to keep on changing from Spring weather to Summer weather.  If you get specific about what the changes are, that’s called weather forecasting.

I’m not a very good weather forecaster, but both of my grandpas are except in different ways.  My one grandpa does scientific stuff and that’s how he does weather forecasting, and my other grandpa does Mohawk stuff and that’s how he does weather forecasting.  The most amazing thing is that when they both say that a kind of weather is going to happen, it happens just the way they said it was going to happen.  That’s superly good scientific AND Mohawk weather forecasting for sure!

My grandpa that does it with science told me that the word meteorology is from Greek words that mean the study of things way up in the air.  My other grandpa says that clouds always tell the truth about the kind of weather that’s coming.

Just so you know, weather isn’t the same thing as temperature.  Weather is everything including temperature.  Temperature is just part of the weather, and also your body and your house.

One time, I watched this movie with my mom and Josh and Aaron, and it was called “Twister.”  It was about tornadoes, and that’s part of weather in some parts of America but not all parts of America.

I never want to get stuck in a tornado, and I think for sure I’m going to stick with detectiving when I grow up, and not switch over to tornado chasing like the grown-ups did in the movie.  It was so scary when the cows were flying in the air, and I was happy that we don’t live anywhere where a tornado could take the baby skunk cows near our place and scare them like that!

April has lots of great International and World days coming up so be sure to check with me about some of them.  There’s even a English Language Day and a World Health Day and Don’t Break My Copyright Day (except it’s not called that but I can’t remember what it’s called exactly but next month I will know for sure).


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