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Watch Out For St. Patrick’s Ideas

on March 16, 2016

This is a confusing week already for me.  My brothers and their friends and my mom and her friends are talking about St. Patrick’s Ideas.  From what I can figure out, a really long time ago there was this saint called Patrick and he was really good friends with Julius Caesar and Brutus.  But then things pretty much went off the rails just before Spring kicked in, and Patrick started getting ideas that Brutus got all mixed up.

One day, everybody went to the shopping mall together and that’s where all their other friends were hanging out.  They stole a lot of bed sheets, put them on, and then paraded all over the town square in them.  Also, they were making a lot of noise.

Anyway, just like nowadays when too many crazy people get together in one place and get crazy together, things got really crazy and Julius Caesar got hurt by a knife (because they didn’t have guns back then) and Brutus got blamed for it, and I guess Patrick got away scott free because later on he got to be a saint.

So remember that when it comes to March, the week before Spring shows up again can be superly dangerous, especially if you have one friend called Julius and another friend named Brutus.

Probably the best idea is to make sure that if you have one friend with one of those names, that you don’t make friends with a friend with the other name the first friend doesn’t have.


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