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Great News About Pluto!!!

on March 9, 2016

This is hot-off-the-presses news about my favorite planet that got unplaneted, Pluto!

Roy sent my mom a email that had news about Pluto, and he told her that she should share the link with me so she did.  And this is the link that he sent in the email.

Scientists think they’ve spotted clouds on Pluto, so they want to call it a planet again

I put that in my entry so you know I’m not being a fooler girl, and pretending that something is real when it isn’t because it’s real.  Some of the scientists at NASA say that there’s probably clouds on Pluto, and that means that Pluto probably has weather conditions, and if Pluto has weather conditions and clouds, then it’s a real live planet again!

That means that Pluto is going to stop being a dwarf planet like it got made into back in 2006, and it’s going to go back to being a real planet like it is, and maybe in 2016 if the scientists at NASA agree that Pluto has weather conditions and clouds, it will be a planet again.

So I vote that the scientists at NASA vote to make Pluto back into a real planet like it always was and still is because it circles the sun, it has gravity, it’s not a star, and it hangs out with all the other planets in this solar system PLUS it has weather conditions and clouds.  That makes Pluto A PLANET!

Just because Pluto has a oval orbit instead of a round orbit doesn’t make it not a planet or only a dwarf planet.  It means that maybe Pluto has a different way of doing things from other planets.  Maybe it’s the girl planet in a boy solar system.  Anybody ever thought it that way before?  I don’t think so.  No.

So that’s the superly great news about Pluto for this week, and it just keep on getting better and better for Pluto planet lovers like me — Missy Barrett.


3 responses to “Great News About Pluto!!!

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