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My Mom Is Sad

on March 2, 2016

My mom is sad so my big brother Aaron is in charge of my blog this week.

Probably you’re wondering how come my mom is so sad that Aaron has to be the person putting up my entry this week.  It’s because sometimes very sad things happen that are so sad you can hardly even smile at all, and that’s what happened to my mom this week.

When I got home from school, my big brother Aaron was already home from going to his school at college and he came out of the house before I got in the house.  He told me that one of mom’s very long time good friends died and that mom was so very sad she was in her office with the door closed.  He told me that if I heard mom crying, not to bug her even if I wanted to try to make her feel not so sad.  He said that’s what mom would want.

Then we went in the house and I was superly quiet so I wouldn’t make my mom more upset.  When Josh came home, Aaron went out of the house before Josh got in the house so he could tell Josh not to make mom more sad.  Then when Josh came in the house, he was superly quiet, too.

Aaron said we should all make supper instead so our mom wouldn’t have to pretend to be happy for us when she was feeling so sad.  I thought that was a really good idea, and I said that after, I would load up the dishwasher so Josh could wash the big stuff in the sink.  Josh said he liked that idea of mine.

At suppertime, mom said she appreciated us making supper.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said this but I asked my mom about her friend that died, and it made my mom cry a little.  She said that this was the friend that helped her when she was in college.  She said she wanted to get into marketing and she was taking classes so she could get into marketing and she was working part-time in marketing, and her friend was already a marketing genius in the marketing industry.  So she got to learn a whole lot of stuff about the marketing business from him, and then when she started her own marketing business, he was a mentor of her business.

This was her friend for a way long time because he was her friend even before my mom and dad got married and that means longer than even my brother Aaron’s been alive so that’s a really long time to be friends.

I asked her if he died from a bad accident, and she said, “No.  It was cancer.  Cancer killed him.”

I didn’t ask her any more questions because Aaron gave me a look that said, “Missy, be quiet.”  So I was quiet because I think Aaron was right about me being quiet.

Yesterday, I asked Aaron what else to do to help mom, and he said that all three of us should do all of our chores and as many of mom’s chores as we could do.  For example, I usually take my dirty laundry to the laundry room every week but yesterday, I took my dirty laundry and I sneaked into my mom’s room and took her dirty laundry to the laundry room, too (that means bed sheets, too).  Then I sorted them like my mom showed me to do a long time ago.

Josh did the laundry — all of mine, and all of mom’s, and all of his, plus he told Aaron he might as well just toss his in there, too, because he was doing laundry.  And then after that, Josh and Aaron did all the folding, and Aaron made my mom’s bed up with the clean sheets, and put all her laundry away for her.

That’s the kind of stuff we did to help our mom, and plus we did lots of other stuff.

Last night when it was my bedtime, I asked Aaron to put my blog entry up for today instead of mom doing it.  He said not to worry.  He said he would do that for me (which is also doing it for our mom).

I know that people die and that if you know them, it makes you sad.  I just hope that it’s a very, very long time before somebody else my mom knows dies because I don’t like seeing her so sad.  I hope she starts feeling not so sad real soon.  I give her lots of hugs and try to make some of the sadness go away a little bit.  I know I’m not her mentor friend, but I love her so much that maybe some of my love will fill up the hurt parts of her heart.


One response to “My Mom Is Sad

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Your mom is lucky to have such wise loving children. I know it’s disconcerting to see your mom so sad, but she’s a strong woman who will get through this, especially with so much help and understanding from you and your brothers.

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