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Aluminum Foil Got Me In Trouble

on February 24, 2016

Probably you’re wondering how come I didn’t put up a entry last Wednesday and I have a very good reason for how come.  I was on reduced Internet time-out because I tried to do something I saw on the Internet at my house.   Sometimes when I was littler and I did stuff like that, I got a consequence and a explanation why not to do that again.  Now that I’m older, I’m supposed to use my noggin (that’s what my one Grandpa said when I told him what happened to me and the Internet) before I do something that maybe isn’t so good a thing to do.

Anyway, Aaron showed me this picture of a car that someone called David Bowie had, and I thought it looked really nice.

Aluminum Foil Car

See how pretty that is?  How can you not love that shiny car?

Anyway, when I looked at it, it reminded me of the shiny aluminum foil containers that our take-out Chinese food comes in.  The take-out containers have ripply sides, but the underside of the round covers are flat and shiny like the car doors, so probably if the take-out container sides were flat, they’d be shiny just like those car doors.  That’s what I think.

Then I remembered that my mom bought a bunch of aluminum foil just after Christmas because it was selling at a really good price at the grocery store.  She says that things that don’t have a best-before-date are things you can buy a lot of all at one time as long as the price is really good.

So I went into my mom’s extra storage pantry place where she stores that kind of stuff she buys at a really good price.  My mom always says that aluminum foil rolls always last her a long, long time so I left one behind on the shelf and took the other eleven because I needed them for my idea.

My mom’s car isn’t a superly huge car.  It’s big enough for her and me and Josh and Aaron, and for stuff in the trunk.  She keeps it in the garage most of the time, but sometimes it’s on the driveway.  I was really happy that she had it on the driveway because that way I could see what I was doing.  Sometimes in the garage, you can’t see everything because the lights don’t light up every part of the garage.  But the sun is so bright you can’t even look at it with your nakedy eyes, so I could see everything all around the car.

So I took one aluminum foil roll out of the box and started doing the front part of the car.  I didn’t have to do the front fender because it’s already aluminum foil shiny.  Then I did the mirrors on both sides.  Then I opened the front passenger door and got that all wrapped up really nice.

I was about four aluminum foil rolls into making my mom a nice surprise when she came running out of the house.  Boy was she ever mad at me and I didn’t even know how come.  She made me undo all of my hard work, and she made me throw away all the aluminum foil that was on the car in a great big garbage bag she had Aaron bring out from the kitchen.

I guess she was mad mostly because it was a surprise to her but not to everybody else in the neighborhood.  I know it wasn’t a surprise to them because Mrs. Whittington from next door asked me what I was doing, and Wesley from across the street asked me what I was doing, and the old man from down the street asked me what I was doing, and a few other people I know from seeing them but not their names asked me what I was doing.  I’m thinking maybe my mom probably didn’t want a surprise and she wanted to know what I was doing.

So that’s how come last week I was on reduced Internet time-out and banned off my blog last Wednesday.

Oh and plus, I have to do extra chores for two more whole weeks to pay my mom back for the aluminum foil rolls I used up on my surprise that didn’t get finished.  Next time, I’m going to ask my one Grandpa to buy me twelve aluminum foil rolls when there’s a humongous sale so I don’t have to use my mom’s stuff.  That way, I won’t be in trouble for using any of my mom’s stash.


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