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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

on February 10, 2016

Last week, I thought I was going to write about going to the Chinese buffet restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year’s on Monday.  I even got my brother, Aaron, to take some pictures of some of the food I ate.

But I just want to say that something else superly exciting happened on Monday, so I’m going to talk about Chinese New Year and about Pluto because I really love Pluto.

So first, I’m going to talk about going to the Chinese buffet restaurant for Chinese New Year’s.  The lady at the restaurant told me that this year is the Year of the Monkey and that made me laugh.  It makes me think that all kinds of monkeying around shenanigan things might happen this year.  That would be funny as long as nobody got hurt.

My brothers like to eat lots of weird stuff that I don’t like eating.  I kind of like more boring, everyday Chinese food that’s probably not too Chinese but still really delicious.  I don’t eat stuff like squid or clams or tofu with oyster sauce or garlic chicken livers.  This is what I like to eat:

Missy's Favorites

That’s Wonton Soup with zero zip wontons in it.  Deep fried shrimp with cocktail sauce.  Pork dumplings with dipping sauce.  And a fortune cookie.  The pictures Aaron didn’t take was the steamed rice (because everybody knows what steamed rice looks like) and Shanghai noodles (because they’re just weird to look at).

We had the best Chinese New Year’s time since last year, it was that awesome!

Now about Pluto.  Everybody that reads my blog knows that I’m interested in the NASA spacecraft that flew past Pluto last summer.  I even wrote about the town that the astronomer that found Pluto came from last year.  And plus, I wrote about Pluto even before that.

So when the spaceship went past Pluto, it found out that the planet has ice volcanoes except I don’t exactly know what that means because if the lava comes out frozen then it’s not exactly lava I don’t think.  But maybe instead of lava, it throws out sludge that freezes as soon as it gets out of the ice volcano.  But the most amazing news about Pluto is that NASA shared a picture a few days ago and NASA said that Pluto has floating mountains and floating hills!

That’s not crazy talk.  Trust me, you can’t make this stuff up.  It’s scientific fact talk!

The floating mountains and floating hills are supposably like icebergs on earth except that instead of being in the ocean, they’re over the ocean.  And they’re like mountains and hills except that they’re not on the ground like they are on earth.

If you like Pluto as much as me, you can take this Pluto Quiz from CNN (that’s a news place that’s on TV and plus it’s on the Internet).


I took the quiz.  It only has seven questions on it and I got six answers right (because the one I got wrong, only super detail watchers are going to know for sure).  The CNN website said I was a planetary star.

CNN Quiz Results

I didn’t take the quiz over again because that would be cheating because I only knew six of the answers and when I got the one answer wrong, CNN told me the right answer.  Kids like me don’t forget right answers as soon as they hear them, so that’s why I say it would be cheating if I did the quiz over and got all the answers right.

I’ll stay on top of the NASA Pluto story because the NASA people say they think that Pluto has a buried water ocean and that means it’s not floating.  It makes me wonder if maybe the land part of Pluto is floating over the water ocean and it only looks like it’s buried when NASA looks at the pictures from the spaceship.

And plus the other neat thing they figured out is that Pluto used to probably have six moons.  We only have one moon, and right now Pluto only has four moons, but they maybe had two other moons and they probably smashed into two of the other moons and got smooshed up mashed together.

That makes sense because if you have that many moons, there’s going to be crashes for sure I think.

The four moons are called Nix, Styx, Kerberos, and Hydra.  I don’t know why they called them that, but I know that Hydra is related to water, so maybe that moon is a floating moon made up of only frozen ice water.  If it is, that’s a good name for it — Hydra.

I’m kind of wondering about Nix though because when my one grandpa doesn’t want to do something he says, “Nix that idea, kiddo.”  So maybe that moon is the only one that always does what a Pluto moon is supposed to do.  If that’s the case, then that explains what happened to the other two moons that probably hit two of the other three moons.

Science is weird, but I like it.

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