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Happy Chinese Groundhog New Year’s Day

on February 3, 2016

So yesterday was Groundhog Day and I checked online with help from Aaron, and nobody dropped any groundhogs so that’s a very good thing.  And yesterday, I wrote about my idea for another way to predict the end of winter and I put that on my Facebook page.

Some important news people saw what I wrote and a couple of them even made Facebook comments to me about my idea.

There was Mitch English (he’s a news personality at KOKH Fox 25 News in Oklahoma City, OK).

There was Frank Marzullo (he’s a news personality at WXIX FOX 19 News in Cincinnati, OH).

There was Amanda Salinas (she’s a news personality at Fox 7 in Austin, TX).

There was Julia Dunn (she’s a news personality at CBS6 News in Albany, NY).

There was Dan Shaffer (he’s a news personality at ABC Action News WFTS in Tampa Bay, FL).

There was Neville Miller (he’s a news personality at KMBC 9 News in Kansas City, KS).

Maybe there were other famous news personality people that saw my post yesterday but I don’t know who they are because sometimes I don’t know how to figure out what people saw stuff on my Facebook Fan Page.  But the people I mentioned all saw my post on my Fan Page for sure.

SPECIAL P.S.  If you know of another news personality that saw my Groundhog Day post on my Facebook Fan Page and I didn’t mention them on my blog today, just put their name in the Comments Section of this blog entry.  And don’t forget the Facebook link to their page so I can say thanks to them for seeing my Groundhog Day post.

Anyway, the next important date in February is in a few more days.  Next Monday (that’s February 8) is Chinese New Year.  I’m going to see if maybe my mom will let us celebrate Chinese style down at my favorite Chinese restaurant where they serve all-day Dim Sum.  I think that would be a awesome way to say Happy New Year even if I’m not Chinese, and even if I don’t know how to speak any kind of Chinese.

Maybe I’m going to ask the people at the restaurant if they can show me how to make excellent wontons because I can eat a hundred million bazillion of them all at one time, I love them so much.  My Grandpa Barrett sometimes says he thinks I have a wooden leg when I eat a lot of food, but I don’t know what that means exactly.  I think it means that I make lots of noise when I run back up to the place where the food is, especially where the wontons are.

So, that’s it from me today.  Next week, I’ll probably talk about going to my favorite Chinese restaurant if I can talk my mom into going there on Chinese New Year’s.  If the answer is “NO,” then I’ll have to figure out something else to write about next Wednesday.

Oh, and thanks to all of you guys for reading last week’s entry on my blog, and for reading my Facebook Fan Page post yesterday.  Catch ya later, alligators.

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