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Guess What’s Coming Up Next Week

on January 27, 2016

Guess what’s coming up next week.  If you guess it’s my birthday, that’s wrong.  If you guess it’s Josh’s birthday or Aaron’s birthday, you’re still wrong.  And if you guess my mom’s birthday, you still didn’t guess right.

Next week is Groundhog Day, and that’s when we find out how much more winter is coming before spring gets here.  It’s a weird kind of day because everybody waits around for the local groundhog where they live to come out of his house and let them know how much more winter is coming.

Except here’s what’s so weird about that.  If the groundhog says there’s six more weeks of winter, that means that winter is supposed to stop on March 15.  But if the groundhog says it’s more than six more weeks of winter, spring is going to show up on March 21 and that’s just six after six weeks are up.

So that’s how come I don’t get why Groundhog Day is so important because that sounds like a lot of crazy talk over six days.  My way of thinking is that people should just put a big circle around March 21, and have a super big celebration party that day because that’s the official end of winter.

Two years back, there was this mayor of one of the big cities (I think it was New York but I don’t know for sure), and he dropped their groundhog on his head, and then it died.  I cried so hard when I found out that the groundhog died.  If that mayor just waited until March 21, the groundhog wouldn’t have got hurt in the first place.  I hope this year that the zoo people don’t let the mayor hold the new groundhog because if he drops that one, I am going to write a very angry email to him and tell him not to touch anymore animals until he learns how to hold them right.

I won’t say any bad words to the mayor of that city, but I will make sure he understands that he’s supposed to take care of animals.  Maybe they’re not people, but they’re animals, and that counts for a lot.

So next week, on Tuesday (that’s Groundhog Day) you should send me a message on my blog (on this blog entry) and let me know if winter is ending at your place on March 15 or on March 21.  For me, it doesn’t matter when it ends because Spring is going to start on March 21.


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