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School, Snow, and Penguins

on January 20, 2016

Probably you guys are wondering where I was all day that I didn’t get my blog entry up before now.  It’s almost my bedtime and that means that I was really busy today and that’s how come my blog entry didn’t get online until right now.

Today is National Penguin Awareness Day, and I didn’t have to go to school today because it was a snow day.  I got to celebrate penguins all day long.  Maybe you did, too, and if you did, you could say in the Comments Section of my blog what you did that was all about penguins.

First of all, today was National Penguin Awareness Day, and if you missed it, don’t worry because April 25 is World Penguin Day.  Second of all, if you think penguins are just one kind, you can thank Bird Life International for having this poster up on their Facebook page.


And third of all, if you don’t know this already:  I love penguins.  When I was really little, I had this imaginary world called the Dotting Map and my brother Josh made a pirate map of it.  One of the animals that lived on the Dotting Map was my close, personal friend, Floaty Penguin.  That’s how long I’ve been loving penguins.  I’ve loved penguins ever since I was really little.

Here’s a picture of a penguin that my Aunt Sissy took when her and my Uncle Bob and my three boy cousins went to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg (that’s in Tennessee in case you didn’t know that).  I think the penguin was probably having a bad day when he got his picture taken.  Probably after he got fed lunch, he was a whole lot happier.

A Bad Day At The Aquarium_SMALL

Anyway, when I got up this morning, my mom told me that school called a snow day and I was really happy because holidays should be days where you don’t go to school and sometimes not to work either.  So thanks to the school for calling a snow day for National Penguin Awareness Day!

The next thing that happened is that I got dressed mostly in black and white so penguins know how much I love them.  And plus, I put on orange socks and my yellow headband that I sometimes put on to keep my hair out of my eyes.  One more thing I did (and that was so the Little Blue penguins wouldn’t feel left out) is that is made sure that today’s notepad for taking special notes had a blue cover for sure.  That way, I had every color that you can find on a penguin no matter what kind of penguin that penguin is!

I walked like a penguin in my house, and then I talked Josh into taking me to the sliding hill at the park down the street.  That’s where I got to do what penguins do:  tobogganing.  Penguins do that by sliding on their bellies across the snow, but that’s too cold for people, so Josh and me, we brought flatted cardboard boxes for packing books in, and we went sliding on cardboard.  But I think it still counts as tobogganing, and we were already pretending to be penguins so that was good.

I’m pretty sure Aaron would’ve taken me and Josh to the zoo if the driving wasn’t so bad, but my mom said nobody was going to crack up her car, so we didn’t go there today.  Maybe Grandma and Grandpa can take me there on the weekend, and I’ll explain to the penguins how come I couldn’t come visit on their special holiday.

And the last thing I did for National Penguin Awareness Day was to write this blog entry to tell you a little bit about penguins, and how come you should just love them.


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