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Getting The Math Right

on January 13, 2016

I got in trouble at school yesterday.  Some kids at my school said that their moms and dads said that if the humongous Powerball jackpot got split up so that everybody in America got the same amount of money, nobody would be poor anymore.  One of them got time on the computer in class time, and showed me the meme on his mom’s Facebook page.  This was the meme.


That didn’t look right to me, and I said so, but then at recess, I got picked on.  Some kids were being really mean and said I thought I was way more smarter than grown-ups like their superly smart moms and dads.  Except that I didn’t say I was smarter.  I said that the meme on the mom’s page on Facebook didn’t look right to me.

When I got home after school, I was really sad because I got picked on at lunchtime and afternoon recess, too, and just because I still didn’t think that the meme on the mom’s page on Facebook looked right.  Aaron was in the kitchen getting some chocolate milk so he saw me being sad and he asked me what was wrong, so I told him.  Guess what happened?

“Let’s do the math on this,” he said.  Just like that.  He didn’t go back upstairs to his room.  He got me some chocolate milk and then he grabbed the note pad that mom keeps beside the phone in the kitchen, and he grabbed the pencil, and we sat down at the kitchen table and figured it out.  This is how we did it.

Aaron told me that 1.3 billion gets written this way:  1,300,000,000.  So he put that on the top of the page.

Then he said that there were 300,000,000 people in America and he put that under the first number on the page.

Then he said we could knock off ALL the zeros that were in the same column in both numbers so that meant all of the 000,000,000’s got knocked off.   That left a 1,3 and a 3.  Then he said that the 1,3 was actually 13 and that’s a small enough number for me to do math with.  So he said, “Divide the 13 by 3 and tell me what you get.”

When I did that, I got 4.33 and lots of 3’s after that but my teacher says we only have to go to two numbers after the decimal, so that’s why I said it was 4.33.

Then Aaron said that because the Powerball lottery is in dollars, then the answer has to be in dollars so I put a dollar sign in front of the 4.33.  Guess how much money that made it be?  It was only four dollars and thirty-three cents.

I don’t think that $4.33 is going to make anybody rich, and I know that $4.33 is really far away amount of money from millions that was on the meme on that other mom’s page on Facebook.

So today, I’m going to try to show everybody the right math of this, and if they make fun of me, I’ll just show my teacher and ask her to explain the right math of this so I don’t get picked on at recesses and lunchtime.


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