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Pretend Spying v Real Spying

on January 6, 2016

My big brother, Aaron, was telling me all about when he was almost as old as me, and the spy movies he liked to watch.  Now he’s older, he likes to watch James Bond 007 movies, but back when he was almost as old as me, he liked watching Spy Kids movies.

The first thing he told me was that pretend spying isn’t anywhere near the same thing as real spying.   Pretend spying means that you get paid money to pretend you’re spying, and real spying means you put your whole family in danger by really spying.  So that just makes it more for sure that I’m going into detectiving, and staying out of anything that looks like real spying because they’re not the same thing.

Anyway, he has a collection of videos from the olden days and he put the very first Spy Kids movie on for us to watch together (he even made popcorn so we could pretend we were watching it at a for real theater).  It was a very exciting movie about two kids that have a mom spy and a dad spy that are married to each other that used to be opposite spies working against each other.  But they fell in love and had two kids that weren’t spies until their mom and dad were missing for no reason at all, and then they found out that their mom and dad were real spies (except they’re really pretend spies) and so the kids decided they were going to save their mom and dad by being real spies (except they’re really pretend spies, too).

Aaron told me that the dad spy’s real name is Ontario Bandanas, and that made me laugh except Aaron said I shouldn’t laugh because that’s his name.  So maybe you will laugh a little about the dad spy’s name, but that’s his name:  Ontario Bandanas.

I think he’s a very good actor, and plus, he’s a really good spy.  He’s also a very loving dad because he cares about his two kids a lot in the movie, and I don’t think you can pretend care that good for that long, so it must be true he cares about his two kids in the movie with him and the spy mom.

Not so long ago, I did a Star Wars movie review, so I guess I should do the ratings things for this movie because it’s a movie so it needs ratings.  I’m giving this five stars out of five stars for adventure, and one star out of five stars for mixing people up.    So, watch this movie because you will like a whole lot and you won’t get mixed up watching it because everything that doesn’t make sense at the beginning, makes lots of sense later on in the movie.


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