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The Last Day Of The Year

on December 31, 2015

Instead of writing on my blog yesterday (because yesterday was Wednesday), I decided to wait one more day and write on the very last day of the year.  Why?  Because the last of anything is always important to pay attention to just like the first thing of anything is important.

I had a lot of people visiting and reading my blog this year, and WordPress told me what the top five sites were that said, “Go to Missy Barrett’s blog.”  Here’s what WordPress said about the top five sites for my blog.

Top 5 Referring Sites In 2015
Facebook and Twitter I understand, but I what surprised me was that Pinterest sent me a lot of people.  I like that a lot because just a couple months ago, I got a account on Pinterest.  And then WordPress told me this about my blog.

Crunchy Numbers In 2015

If you didn’t go to “Artie Q Reviews” when it got put up on my blog, or if you went but didn’t remember to go back, you can go there now.  Just click RIGHT HERE and go there right now.  I think you’re going to like what’s there.

Also, there’s lots of Missy Barrett books for you to read.  There’s six Missy Barrett Adventures books, and two Missy Barrett Conversations books.  There’s two Missy Barrett Year In Review books, and a Missy Barrett workbook called “A Year Of Good Weeks.”  Right now there’s just one Missy Barrett chapter book called “Roar Like A Lion” and it’s all about bullying and autism, but pretty soon there’s going to be another Missy Barrett chapter book called, “Fantastic Things Can Happen” and it’s all about Myasthenia Gravis (sometimes it’s called MG) and that’s what my one brother, Josh, has.

And there’s a novella called “Grand Theft: Cookie” that’s about me and my friends.

I want to thank everybody that ever visited my blog for visiting my blog, and I really hope you come back in 2016 with some of your friends and read my almost-every-single-Wednesday blog entries.  Happy New Year 2016 from me, Missy Barrett, to all of you on the Internet and in the real world!

It's Midnight_Happy New Year 2016

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