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The Best Christmas Treats

on December 16, 2015

One of the best parts of Christmas holiday to-do stuff is the baking part.  My Mohawk grandpa always says that my grandma makes the best treats but especially they’re the best at Christmas time.  He says he likes French-Canadian sugar pies and Canadian butter tarts the best of all the Christmas treats!

Just so you know, my grandpa is Mohawk, not French-Canadian but where he grew up was really close to the border where Quebec is so that’s how come he knows all about sugar pies and butter tarts and other great stuff like that.

But I’m kind of mixed up about why they get called what they get called because you would think a sugar pie was made out of sugar and a butter tart was made out of butter.  But they’re not.

A French-Canadian sugar pie is made out of pure maple syrup that has whipping cream added to it.  A Canadian butter tart is made out of brown sugar and corn syrup.  You can see how come I think it’s weird that the ingredients don’t match up to the name of the treat, right?

My grandpa makes this other treat that I like.  It’s a meat treat and you put it on toasted bread, and it’s French-Canadian, too.  First you have to have like a pound of ground pork, and then you add a lot of regular ingredients like garlic and black pepper and stuff like that for cooking meat.  Then you add some cookie and pie style ingredients like cloves and cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg.

Yeah, I know that sounds crazy but it’s crazy good when it’s done.

And plus you also have to add milk to it and lard, and not that fake lard, but what my Mohawk grandpa calls artery-hardening lard (he says that’s the good stuff).  There’s about as much lard in the recipe as ground pork which is really weird but also really delicious.  When it’s all cooked up, my grandma makes that on the stove and then she puts it in a container in the fridge.

Me and my grandpa love having that in the morning for breakfast, so my grandma makes a whole lot of it for Christmastime because my grandpa makes a big batch for all her kids and my mom is one of her kids.  So is Uncle Rick and so is Aunt Sissy.  So everybody in my family gets a batch for their house at Christmastime.

I’m going to ask my mom if we can make some butter tarts on the weekend.  Grandma told me she can give me her recipe but I have to promise not to give her recipe away to anybody else.  It’s just for me and my mom.  I told her she didn’t have to worry because even if somebody figured out her recipe, they still wouldn’t know how to make it as good because they wouldn’t have her secret ingredient.

She laughed and hugged me.  My grandpa laughed, too.


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