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Songs Not To Sing

on December 9, 2015

Sometimes my Grandpa sings songs that my Grandma says he’s not supposed to sing, but then she doesn’t tell me how come he’s not supposed to sing them.   They’re what she calls “not kid friendly” songs, but sometimes my Grandpa just laughs and sings them anyway.  He says they’re just silly songs anyway.  Then my Grandma gets this look on her face that’s just like the face she makes when he steals cookies out of the kitchen when she’s making them.

Anyway, the last time my Grandpa got in trouble for singing a “not kid friendly” song, he was singing a song from the old-fashioned days about having a job in Chicago and then not having it anymore.  I thought it was a really funny song, but mostly because it sounded like a marching up and down the street parade song, so I had a lot of fun dancing to it.

The other day when I was at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, my Grandpa got in trouble for singing a song that he didn’t sing but my Grandma thought he sang, so I had to explain to my Grandma all about the song and how come I knew how to sing it already.  First of all, I watched a black-and-white movie with the actor that was in this other movie called “Harvey” and there was a girl that had tippy toe shoes on.   She knew how to play the piano so she played the song and sang it.  This is the movie I’m talking about.

And plus, how bad can that song be when Kermit the Frog sang it on The Muppets Show because Kermit is from Sesame Street, and Sesame Street is for really little kids?  I used to watch Sesame Street when I was superly little (it’s partly how I learned the alphabet).  So I told her about that but she didn’t think I was remembering things right.  She asked my Grandpa to go on the Internet and check for sure to see if it ever got sung on The Muppets Show.  It did.   Here’s the video of it.

After that, my Grandma said she was sorry to my Grandpa for getting mad at him for something he didn’t do this time.  Then she went in the kitchen and came back with chocolate milk for Grandpa and me and a plate of chocolate chip cookies she made last week sometime.  That was great.

My Grandpa told my Grandma she didn’t have to, and she said she already knew that.  When she went back in the kitchen, my Grandpa showed me a video from way before The Muppets Show.  He said that it was from a Marx Brothers movie, and that’s where he learned the song when he was little.

Sometimes my other Grandpa (Grandpa Barrett) and my other Grandma (Grandma Barrett) come to our house for movie night and they bring other movies by the Marx Brothers.  I like them because they’re really funny because the grown-up Marx Brothers do things that are funny even if they aren’t polite.  But I know that it’s just a movie, and it’s not a good thing to do those things for real.  They’re just made-up things that they did to be funny.

But that’s a different thing to write about for my blog so I’m going to write about that some other time.  This blog entry was about the song about Lydia that got my one Grandpa in trouble, and how I got him extra chocolate chip cookies for him not singing that song in front of me first.


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