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The Missy Barrett Gift Giving Solution

on December 6, 2015

Maybe you’re wondering what kind of books to get for people you know that love to read books.   Well, how about sharing a Missy Barrett Adventure book?  Kids my age love to read my adventure books, and so do grown-ups!  And the neatest part about picking a Missy Barrett Adventure book is that I have six adventures you can pick from already!

Missy Barrett Adventures Volume 1 through 6Here’s a description for every book so far.  That way, you’ll know what kind of book your family member or friend would want to read.  And plus, it’s not just girls that like to read Missy Barrett Adventure books.  Boys like reading them, too!  So here’s what each book is about.

Guess Where I Am Mommy:  It’s not every day that Missy gets to go with her mom on a business trip. When her mom takes her to Toronto for a meeting with the man upstairs, Missy makes the most of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Along the way, she meets up with Mr. Wonderful, the Titanium Knight of the Periodic Table, the Ballerina Princess, and other inhabitants that exist in this exciting world. What other mysteries await them all in this amazing building? And how many other characters might be found by the ever curious Missy Barrett? Click HERE to read more.

Houston We Have No Problem:  Missy Barrett is spending her summer vacation in Tennessee. where her aunt Sissy, Uncle Bob and three boy cousins live.  Missy jumps at the chance to find herself at the heart of another new adventure. What she doesn’t know is what those adventure is going to be. When the installation man comes to put up a satellite dish at the house, she can’t begin to imagine all the things he knows. Where did the Internet come from? Who won the first race in outer space? Do scientists know what’s out there? And is her family aware of all these facts?  Click HERE to read more.

The Secret Ingredient:  Missy wouldn’t dream of passing up a chance to visit her grandparents. Trips to visit them are always fun, but they’re more fun when Grandma’s making Nôhkom’s Artisan bread and chocolate chip cookies. But baking isn’t just about making bread and cookies. It’s about sharing and making memories, as well as discussing important matters. The discussion weaves its way through the meals made in Fat Daddy’s Kitchen in Chicago and how Missy’s Grandma and Grandpa first met. Then Missy shares a secret with her Grandma. Missy knows what Grandma’s secret ingredient is. Do you know what it is?  Click HERE to read more.

Foiled Again:  For the first time in her life, Missy visits a professional hair salon with her mother. Once she walks through the front door, the possibilities become endless as do the questions she has for the stylists working there. Just as with every situation Missy finds herself in, when Missy has questions, she’s on the trail to uncover the right answers. In the end, you won’t believe who gets foiled again!  Click HERE to read more.

Free Range Hiking:  Finding fun things to do is easy for a kid like Missy Barrett. The hard part is finding fun things that her Uncle Bob, Aunt Sissy, and three cousins can do with her. When her Uncle Bob’s friend, Steve, drops by to visit, Missy learns all kinds of interesting things about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It isn’t long before Missy has an idea what everyone she loves can do as a family.  Click HERE to read more.

Nailed It:  Missy Barrett convinces her mom and grandma that a Girls’ Day At The Spa is just what they need. The trio decide that some old-school pampering is in the cards, and Cassie’s place is the place to be. Questions about sugar scrubs, famous outlaw Jesse James, and more shows Missy just how much fun Cassie, Mackie and the Shear Madness Salon gang can really be!  Click HERE to read more.

You can’t go wrong sharing a Missy Barrett adventure with kids or with grown-ups, and I can say that because they’re my adventures, and plus, they all have grown-ups in them!

Missy_Cover_XLarge_ColorJust so you know, you can pick up “Foiled Again” and “Nailed It” directly at Shear Madness Salon.  They’re at 941 Dolly Parton Parkway at Veteran’s Boulevard in Sevierville (phone:  865-366-1357).

Cassie and Mackie and the whole Shear Madness gang are in those two books, so if you ask them to personally autograph the books you buy at Shear Madness Salon, they’re going to for sure personally autograph your books to give them extra gift giving sparkle!  And who doesn’t love extra sparkle, especially at Christmas time?

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