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Going and Froing, Kithing and Kinning

on December 2, 2015

So on Sunday, I got to hang out with my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett while my brothers, Josh and Aaron, got to help my other grandpa do some house winterizing at my place.  They think they did all the work, but I got to do lots of work, too.

My grandpa sometimes says things that sound funny to me.  Like when grandma was going back and forth all over the house, he said she was going to and fro, so I asked him how come he says to and fro instead of back and forth because that’s what she’s doing.  She’s going and froing.

He said it was a perfectly good expression, and whenever he says that, I know he means we’re going to have a dictionary adventure!  So he got the really big dictionary out of his office and we sat down in the kitchen.  You won’t believe how big his dictionary is because it’s even way bigger than the dictionary in the library at my school.

Anyway, it said that fro is a very old word and that it’s how people in Scotland used to say from in the ancient old-fashioned days.  Then it said that it used to be in other expressions like to do fro and that means to remove but I don’t see how come it means that.  I mean, if you take fro out and put from in, then to do from makes no sense at all!

Then I asked my grandpa to look up kith because sometimes my Uncle Bob (he lives in Sevierville with my Aunt Sissy and my three boy cousins) says that as in kith and kin.  Guess what the dictionary said?  It said that kith was another very old word from the ancient old-fashioned days and it means country. I already knew that kin was a word that people in the south use when they’re talking about family.

So when Uncle Bob talks about kith and kin, he’s really talking about people he cares about in his part of the country and in his family (and that includes me and Josh and Aaron and my mom plus I think both of my grandpas and both of my grandmas but I’m not sure because I don’t know how far back kinning goes before you can’t be kin anymore).

We looked up a lot of sayings and words in my grandpa’s dictionary before grandma told us to put it away so we could go out for supper.  I was kind of sad about putting it away, but kind of happy because that meant we got to eat at one of my favorite family restaurants.

The next time I get to go over to my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett’s house, I’m going to let my grandpa go to and fro all over their house so I can spend some special time with grandma.  Maybe we can crack open one of her books, and maybe it’s going to have a ancient old-fashioned recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  I think it would be lots of fun to make chocolate chip cookies the ancient old-fashioned way.

Also, I’m still working on my movie because Aaron said that everybody else can’t do all the hard work.  He said that my job as the producer is to do all the “final saying” work and be in charge of how long the scenes are and cutting them in just the right place.  That’s taking me a lot longer than I figured it was going to take me.  But I think it’s all going to get done in time for the weekend (this one coming up, not a different longer away weekend).

So until next time, welcome to December!  And plus, there’s only 23 more days before Christmas!!!

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