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Missy Barrett Productions Is In Production

on November 25, 2015

I have really exciting news today.  Roy came over to our house after supper so he could do some recording for me.

I’m making more movies like the one I did last week called “Excuse Me!” and after watching it a few times, I decided that I need a studio logo (that’s what Aaron said they’re called) just like the big movies have.  Aaron and me, we went on YouTube together, and we watched the beginning of lots of movies so I could get a idea what I wanted for a studio logo.

There was one by 360 pictures that looked like somebody put a glass of water on a nice black table three times and they never put anything under it so it left three white almost circles on the black, plus it said 360 pictures.

Then there was this one from Everest Entertainment and the E was backwards and on top of being backwards, it had four crossing parts instead of three so it looks wrong to me.

There was this one from The Halcyon Company and if the picture is supposed to look like a angel and a book smooshed and squooshed together, they nailed it (that’s movie talk).


There was this one studio that had a perfect logo for Josh if he wanted to have his own studio except that he won’t be able to have it because a different troublemaker already has it.


Then there was this one.  Aaron says they’re a really old and super famous studio but I still think their logo looks like a from-the-future weirdly bent-up paperclip.  Aaron said it’s the letter U and the letter A connected together but he can’t fool me.

I’m a really good printer and that’s not how to make the letter U or the letter A.  If I made them that way, my teacher wouldn’t like it and plus, my Grandpa Barrett would tell me my printing looks like I chicken scratch (I didn’t know chickens could print until my grandpa told Josh that’s how Josh prints).

United Artists

I was kind of worried that maybe I wouldn’t find a good studio logo for Missy Barrett Productions, but then Aaron showed me that sometimes studios have lots of different studio logos.  Lions Gate has lots of different ones.  Here are three of their logos and I really like them a whole lot!

Lions Gate Compilation

So my next movie is going to have a Missy Barrett style studio logo that I’m going to use only for movies like the one from last week and the one I’m making this week.  I’ll figure out a different studio logo when I do other kinds of movies in the winter time.

If everybody that’s helping me has time to help me this weekend (because it’s a four-day weekend with no school tomorrow or the day after that added to Saturday and Sunday), maybe my movie can get uploaded in time for going back to school on Monday.  I think that would be great.  So come on back on Sunday to see if I got my new movie finished and uploaded.  I think you’re really going to like it a whole lot!


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