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Aquatic Party For Five Please

on November 18, 2015

This week, I’ve got a real treat for you guys so I’m sorry for getting this blog entry up late.

First off, I want to thank my Aunt Sissy in Sevierville for helping out with this week’s blog entry.  She sent me a email with some really great pictures and some video from when Uncle Bob and her and my three boy cousins went to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.  It’s in Gatlinburg and you hardly have to drive to get there if you live in Sevierville.

Anyway, when they were there, they got to see all kinds of things including aquatic animals like penguins.  You guys already know that when I was little, I had a make-believe world called the Dotting Map, and one of the animals that lived there was my friend, Floaty Penguin.

The penguin playground is one of the most fun places at the Aquarium and like every place you go, there’s always a norm you have to watch out for so you know how to act.  Over at the Aquarium, this is their norm.

Penguin Norm_SMALL

© 2015

Sometimes, Norm has a bad day.  When he has a bad day, he looks like this.  Except that this isn’t Norm.  This is Butch.  He was having a bad day at the Aquarium when his picture got taken.  After his picture got taken, he probably felt like he was having a even worse bad day mostly because if you’re having a bad day already, the last thing you want to have happen is for somebody to take your picture.

A Bad Day At The Aquarium_SMALL

© 2015

The video that my Aunt Sissy sent had a lot of great stuff on it.  Some of it was so great that I took a bit of it and turned it into a movie.  My big brother, Aaron, helped with making the music and sound effects.  And plus, just like the movies you see on television, there’s opening and closing credits.  I hope you enjoy my movie.

2 responses to “Aquatic Party For Five Please

  1. Nancy Hill says:

    Awesome! I haven’t visited this aquarium but have several others including one in Chattanooga. It is an awesome place too!

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