Missy Barrett's Adventures

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I Couldn’t Decide

on November 4, 2015

I had a really hard time deciding on what to wear on Hallowe’en so I decided to go as a Private Eye Detective working under cover as a Lady Pirate Captain, except that I was actually a Water Princess and I was working on a mystery adventure that only Missy Barrett (that’s me) could solve.  So I did all three of my Hallowe’en ideas all at the same time!

My mom and Josh and Aaron (those are my big brothers) helped me out a lot with my costume.  Aaron had a great big red cotton scarf that he wrapped around my head so it looked like a pirate scarf, and then he made a knot at the back so it was also kind of like a pony tail except made out of the scarf.   My mom had this really nice red silky scarf that’s really long and she tied that around my waist and let the ends hang down so it was like a real pirate’s swashbuckling belt that could hold a sword (except I didn’t have a real sword, just a make-believe one out of cardboard that Josh made for me).

Then I borrowed a frilly white shirt from my mom that had long droopy sleeves (mostly because I’m way smaller than my mom because I’m not a grown-up yet) and she let me borrow some of her costume jewelry that I added some of my pretend jewelry to so that was like being a Water Princess because most of the jewelry looked like pearls and pearls are from oysters and oysters live in the water.  And plus, my mom did my make-up and she put shiny eye make-up on me and on the bottom of the eye shadow container it read:  Pink Pearl.  That means I had a whole lot of Water Princess pearls on.

I got to put my winter boots on early because they looked a little like pirate boots and a little like private eye detective shoes (for doing sneaky sneak investigating).  With my magnifying glass (aka glass on a stick), that pretty much proved I was a private eye detective on the job.

And that’s what my costume for Hallowe’en was.

P.S.  I got a lot of candy but not too much because it’s not good to get too much of anything including delicious chocolate candy bars.  My brother Aaron took me up and down three blocks, with a stop at I.C. Delights to show Mr. and Mrs. Carter what I was wearing for Hallowe’en.  They thought it was neat and I got a coupon for a free ice cream cone next time I go there (in the daytime).


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