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Hallowe’en Is This Saturday

on October 28, 2015

Hallowe’en is this weekend and I have to hurry up and make up my mind by Friday what I want to be so I can have all the right parts for my costume.  The problem is that it’s kind of hard to decide because there’s three things I want to dress up as:  A water princess (which is NOT the same thing as a mermaid just so you know), a Sherlock Holmes private eye detective (except that I already did that before on another Hallowe’en), and a Lady Pirate Captain (because it wasn’t just boys that were pirates).

Water Princess

A water princess is a princess that rules over the water and everything that lives in the water or on the water or near the water.  She’s not a mermaid because she has legs, but she loves swimming in the water and she loves swimming with all her water friends.  Sometimes a Water Princess has a parade that’s sometimes in the water and sometimes not in the water.  When it’s in the water, sometimes a Water Princess swims at the front of the parade and sometimes she sits in a boat at the end of the parade.  A Water Princess also has to make important decisions like if she should let beavers build their houses in certain places on a river or if otters or bears are throwing too many rocks in the water and making it not nice for fish to swim.  So that’s one thing I could be for Hallowe’en.

Sherlock Holmes Private Eye Detective

So you guys already know that when I grow up, I’m going to be a private eye detective.  I love adventures and I love mysteries, and mostly I like learning lots of stuff that I can maybe use for a disguise when I’m a grown-up private eye detective.  Mostly I like to watch the old black-and-white television shows of Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries because they give me lots of great ideas about things I need to learn so I can be smart just like him.  I could be the first ever super-smart, super-famous, super-sleuth that’s a girl.  So that’s another thing I could be for Hallowe’en.

Lady Pirate Captain

I could also be a Lady Pirate Captain.  My Grandpa Barrett has this book that talks about pirates and he showed it to me so that’s how I know about Lady Pirate Captains.  There was this one Lady Pirate and her name was the Lioness of Brittany, and she had three ships and the three ships were called the Black Fleet.   And then there was Anne Dieu-le-Veut and she got to be a Lady Pirate Captain when her husband who was a Pirate Captain got hurt badly by a cannonball blast and he couldn’t captain the crew anymore.  Plus there was Anne Bonny and she fell in love with Captain “Calico” Jack but everybody got caught before she could be a captain so she kind of doesn’t really count except for the fact that she was a Lady Pirate that acted like a Lady Pirate Captain.  That’s the third thing I could be for Hallowe’en.

Pick A Winner

So now that you know what the options are maybe you can help me make up my mind.  Maybe there should be some voting or something like on my Facebook Fan Page.  Or maybe you can just tell me in the comments part below this blog entry what costume you think I should do and how come you think that way.


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