Missy Barrett's Adventures

The amazing adventures of a fictional child

About My Book Launch

on October 22, 2015

I could tell you all about how much fun we had at the book launch on Wednesday but I think this collage of pictures will probably do a way better job.  So here’s that collage!

Missy Barrett Book Launch_21 October 2015_SMALL
And plus, I also got a beautiful picture that my friend Clover drew for me, and her mom told my mom that we could share it on my blog.  So here’s the picture of me, Missy Barrett, by my friend Clover.

Missy Barrett_by Clover_21 October 2015
Don’t break my friend’s copyrights on her artwork.  If you like her artwork so much like I do, just link to this blog entry to show people how beautiful it is.  That is all. Thank you.



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