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I’m Having A Book Launch Party!

on October 14, 2015

I can hardly believe that Book Number 6 in the Missy Barrett Adventures series is out next week!    The adventure is called, “Nailed It” and it stars me and Mackie.  It’s really superly exciting because we’re having a book launch at Shear Madness Salon with the whole Shear Madness Salon gang.

Book Launch Invitation
The book is mostly about Mackie James but also it has Cassandra James-Arwood (she’s the owner and proprietor of Shear Madness), Tiffany Pace, Christin Smith Matthews, Christy Guthmiller Graham, and Angela Kear in it, too.  And here’s what the story is all about!

Missy convinces her mom and grandma that a Girls’ Day At The Spa is just what they need. The trio decide that some old-school pampering is in the cards, and Cassie’s place is the place to be.  Questions about sugar scrubs,  famous outlaw Jesse James, and more shows Missy just how much fun Mackie, Cassie, and the rest of the Shear Madness Salon gang can really be!

Mackie told me that if you call her at 865-366-1357 (that’s the phone number at the salon) and let her know that you’re coming to the book launch, you can pick up a coupon for a 15% discount on nail services.  But you have to show up at the book signing on October 21st to pick up your discount coupon.

There’s even a Facebook Events Page set up so you can join, and then invite other people you know to come to the book launch.  Just click on THIS LINK and you’ll go right to the Facebook Events Page!

So probably you don’t know that when we did a book launch for “Foiled Again” we had loads of fun.  There were really delicious treats there thanks to the Shear Madness Salon gang, and this time, Mackie is making this one really neat treat that will make you think of what she does at the salon.  And also, last time, there were games we played like Missy Barrett Bingo, and there were prizes for the kids and surprises, too!  Then there was a book reading and a book signing, and that was so much fun that I couldn’t even stop talking about it for a long time after that.

You should come to this book launch because it’s going to even more fun I think.  So go to the Facebook Events Page and say that you’re coming.  Then invite some more of your friends because it’s always way more fun when you go to great places with your friends.  And here’s the address:

Shear Madness Salon
941 Dolly Parton Parkway
Sevierville, Tennessee

In case you need more directions, it’s in the little mall on the corner of Veterans Boulevard and Dolly Parton Parkway, and across the street from the KFC that has the sign that says:  “Now Hiring Popcorn Shrimp.”

Now, I don’t know exactly how come KFC is hiring popcorn shrimp these days, but the sign says they are.  I guess it’s like the time that other restaurant said they had bottomless fries which is crazy talk because there’s always a bottom on food no matter what food you’re talking about.

But getting back to how you find the party at Shear Madness Salon next Wednesday:  When you drive down Dolly Parton Parkway and get to the corner where the KFC is on Veterans Boulevard, just look for that sign about hiring popcorn shrimp, and when you see it, just go across the street because that’s where all the fun at Shear Madness Salon is going on.

So see you there on Wednesday, October 21 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.  I’ll be looking for you, and so will Mackie and Cassie and Tiffany and Christin and Christy and Angela (she’s the new person there and you should get to know her, too).

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