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Doing Right By The Baby Trail

on October 11, 2015

This weekend is a long weekend, so my mom, Josh, Aaron, and me drove all the way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to do our job by checking on our adopted baby trail.  If you don’t know, my whole family (that includes my grandpa and grandma and plus Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy and my three boy cousins) adopted a baby trail and that means that five times this year, we have to hike the baby trail and make sure everything is A-OK on it.  If something’s not right, we have to tell the Park Rangers so they can send volunteers out to fix what’s wrong.

I took lots of pictures mostly because I like taking pictures of pretty much everything.  Why?  Because pretty much everything has a neat story that goes with it, so I take pictures so I don’t forget anything.

Anyway, I’m sharing some of my hiking the adopted baby trail pictures with you so you can see some of the neat things I saw there.  First of all, you should know that in October, the leaves are turning lots of pretty colors in the Smokies.  Sometimes people say that some leaves don’t really turn red like a tomato but here’s a picture of a orange leaf right beside a tomato red leaf.  I love both colors.

Red and Orange Leaves_SMALL
But that’s not the only bright red you can see in the Smokies in October.   When we were hiking the adopted baby trail, I saw these plants and they had just a few red berries.  Probably there’s going to be more in the wintertime so the birds have food to eat.  I’m not sure what kind of berries these are, but they sure look delicious.  Of course, I’m not going to eat them because I don’t know if they’re poison to people.  But birds know, so that’s why I only took a picture of them and didn’t touch them.

Red Berries on Bote Mountain Trail_SMALL
Sometimes people only talk about the really colorful leaves.  They talk about the red ones and the yellow ones and the green ones.  But I like the brown ones, too.  Brown leaves have their own story to tell and that’s why I sometimes take pictures of brown leaves.  Maybe if you look at this picture, you’ll get a  idea of what the story is for the brown leaves on our adopted baby trail.

Beautiful Brown Leaves_SMALL
Then there was this awesome mushroom that I saw hiding on the side of the baby trail.  When I first saw it, I thought it was something that got left behind by somebody else because it was so shiny.  It made me think of the shiny ceramic stuff some stores have with a sign that says, “You break it; you bought it.”  Except that it wasn’t made out of ceramic or something like that.  It was just a very shiny mushroom. and the water on it made it shiny looking.  I think that probably when it rains, the littler animals know that the mushroom is going to be like a drinking cup, and they can go there to get some fresh water to drink.

Mushroom with Red Center_SMALL
Now that we went on the adopted baby trail two times now (one time when we adopted it and then this time), that leaves only three more times we have to check up on it to help the Park Rangers out.  Maybe grandpa and grandma can bring me back on some of the Christmas holiday days for check-up number three.  Maybe there’s going to be loads of red berries out for the birds to eat by then.

And on Monday, my mom, Josh, Aaron, and me, we’re headed back home.

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