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Reds and Whites and Greens and Yellows

on September 30, 2015

Last week, I told you guys all about Fall finally getting here and in one whole week of Fall, lots of colors started to show up at our place.  There’s lots of bright red leaves and bright yellow leaves in the trees, and not just the ones in our backyard.  It’s like that on all the trees in everybody’s yard and on the trees my mom calls the city’s trees (those are the ones on the boulevard and in the parks and stuff like that).

There’s goldenrod, too, and even though those aren’t trees or flowers, they look like tall flowers and I like how they look against the green grasses and bushes.  And then there’s these other flowers on tall stems that are superly small and white so that they look like somebody took a paint brush and just went dab, dab, dob … dab, dab … dab, dob, dab, dab, dob, dob, dob … all over the place.

There’s some colors that my one grandma calls russets (like the potatoes except they’re not potatoes).  Those are the colors that are almost red but not really red, but also not really yellow or brown either.  I like them because they make the reds and yellow even more red and yellow looking.

And you know what else I noticed?  I think the blue of the sky is a different kind of blue than the blue of the sky in summer or in the springtime.  I never noticed that before, but I noticed it this time so that’s good.   I love how there’s so much color that shows up in October.  That’s why I tell people that my favorite color is October (and that starts tomorrow so there’s going to be 31 days of amazing, fantastic colors for me to love).

I know that October is a month but it’s the one month out of the whole year that has so many bright colors in it that you can’t love just one color.  You’ve got to love them all!  So October is totally my favorite color of all.

What do you guys think?  Do you like what happens in the Fall?

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