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Welcome To A New Season

on September 23, 2015

Hello to everyone and thanks for all the private messages I got on Facebook about me being sick last week.  It was a really bad week for me and I didn’t go to school at all and mostly I stayed in my bedroom and slept all night and sometimes most of the day.  When I wasn’t sleeping, I was taking it easy (that’s what my mom calls what I was doing) and sometimes reading a favorite book or doing some drawings or just petting my cats because that made me feel better.

But now I’m back and guess what today is?  It’s the first day of autumn and that means it’s a new season!  It’s time to do some really neat stuff again because autumn has October in it, and plus October has Hallowe’en in it and plus plus it means the leaves are going to have lots of different colors to go with the green colors of summer.  There’s going to be yellows and oranges and reds and what my one grandma calls a palette of rusts and burnt umbers.

The first time I remember her saying that I didn’t want to tell her that the leaves don’t get burned because I thought she said burned embers and that’s what you get after a wood fire in the fire pit is starting to go out.  When that happens, you have to put the rest of the fire out with water otherwise the embers could fly up in the air and land on other things that could get on fire like other trees or rooftops.  I also didn’t want to tell her that there’s not aluminum or iron in leaves so they don’t get rusted.   But when I talked to my mom, she explained that that’s what some of the browns and reds and browns and yellow and oranges on leaves are called:  rusts and umbers.  It’s a bit like calling fuzzy light colors pastels because it covers a feeling of the colors not the colors exactly.

Anyway, when autumn shows up that means that more mornings are going to be mornings where you can see your breath when you’re outside going to school or going to work.  And it means that the sun is going to set way earlier than it does in the summertime.  But mostly it means that it’s just going to feel magical because when autumn comes, you know that all the great things that lead up to Christmas are going to start up again.

That means lunch is going to start being hot soup and crackers.  Sometimes it might even mean grilled cheese sandwiches.  And supper time is going to start having homemade buns and biscuits almost all the time, and instead of what I like to call summer dress specials, the main part of what you get at supper time is going to be like putting on your favorite knitted sweater coat and pulling on your boots or mukluks with the soft, warm linings.

I’m going to miss summer but I also know that summer’s going to come back in another nine months after autumn and winter and spring go away again.  So instead of being sad that summer’s done, I’m just happy that autumn’s here.  Why?  Because now I can do all the fun autumn things that I didn’t get to do for nine whole months, and isn’t that something to be really happy about?  I think it is!

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