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Summer Colds Aren’t Fun

on September 16, 2015

Hi everyone.  This is Jenna Barrett, Missy’s mom, and I guess you’d have to say that I’m the guest blogger on Missy’s blog today.

No, I’m not getting into the blogging business.  The reason I’m writing this blog entry instead of Missy is because Missy seems to have caught a summer cold or come down with a nasty bug.  She’s missed the last two days of school, and she’s spending a lot of time asleep in her bed.  You know she isn’t feeling well when she isn’t interested in reading any books or watching any cartoons or even coming down to the kitchen to eat a meal.

Both of her grandmas and grandpas have phoned and talked with her to see how she’s doing.  Getting her off the phone is usually the difficult part of any conversation, but the last two days, she’s answered politely and then asked if she can go back to bed.

I suspect that she’ll be back on her feet by next Wednesday (and maybe she’ll even feel up to writing a blog entry on the weekend), so stay tuned for more Missy Barrett commentary.  Thanks.

P.S.  I’m republishing a picture of Missy that was drawn on a previous occasion when she wasn’t feeling well.

Missy Is Sick (Small)

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