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Dr. Seuss Told The Truth

on September 9, 2015

Who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss?  I love all those books even if I’m too old for them now.  But sometimes I still sneak one of the Dr. Seuss off the book shelf when nobody’s looking and read it just because I like those books.

One of my most favorite ones is “Green Eggs and Ham.”    It’s the first Dr. Seuss book I remember my mom reading to me, and I remember it because it always makes me laugh when Sam tries to get his friend to eat green eggs.  And ham.

So most people think that there’s no such thing as green eggs, or if there is such a thing as green eggs, the eggs must be rotten.  Except that they’re not.

You probably are wondering how I know that.  I know that because this week it’s the County Fair out by us again, and there were some eggs there that were green, and there was this half-dozen green eggs that won first prize in their category.

Green Eggs
I don’t think that the judges of the County Fair would give out a first prize award if those eggs weren’t fresh and good to eat.  Probably the farmer sent in a dozen eggs and the judges got to eat green eggs and that’s how they decided those eggs should get first prize.  Maybe they even got to eat those green eggs with ham!

Then later on, I got to see the chickens and roosters.  Guess what I saw there?  I saw a rooster that probably used to be a green egg.  Want to know how come I think that?  Just look at this picture of him!

Green Rooster
And then I think I probably met a rooster that was related to the Kellogg’s cereal rooster because he reminded me of him.  I know it wasn’t him because he didn’t have enough white feathers, but he had enough of the other features on him to make me think they’re probably cousins.  Look at this picture of him.

Kellogg's Cousin
I got to see lots and lots of chickens and roosters, and some roosters even had feathers on their legs right down to their feet.  They looked like they were wearing those fuzzy boots that sometimes people wear in the winter time.  But I didn’t see any chickens with feathers like that.  It was just some of the roosters like the green rooster in the picture that was before the picture of the cousin of the cereal rooster.

Weird, right?

Anyway, I saw lots of other stuff, and probably you think I should be way more excited about the rides that were in the fairway except that I don’t really like rides because all that whipping around like that can’t be good for a person if they want to eat corn dogs or popcorn or cotton candy at the Fair.  So I just stick to looking at everything and taking loads of good pictures because you never get sick of seeing or taking too many good pictures.


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