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Sunshine, Water, and Slivers Of Grass

on September 2, 2015

Today is the beginning of September and in three more weeks, the calendar says it’s going to be Fall already.  That’s really fast, don’t you think?  But how fast Fall is getting here isn’t what I’m talking about on my blog today.  Today, I’m talking about how happy grass is.

Probably you think I’m just making that up but my brother Aaron, he goes to college, and sometimes at college he gets to do really important college stuff.  Sometimes that important college stuff means he has to do some researching on the Internet.  Anyway, that’s how he found out that grass is happy, and after he found out, I found out because he showed me what he found out.

First off, let me show you the meme he found on the Internet that explains how come grass is happy.

Single Blade Of Grass
Just click on the picture and you can see it open up in another window so you can look at it and then keep on reading my blog.

The sliver of grass has faces in it, and the faces all have great big smiles and great big happy eyes.  They even have happy hair that jumps up on the top of their heads because they’re so happy.   And plus, the colors are happy colors:  yellow, green, and blue.  I know that some people will say, “Hey, there’s black in there, too” but not really there isn’t any black.

When you do a microscope look-see, you have to put the specimen on a slide and then slip it under the focusing part of the microscope.  Then you have to focus everything so it’s nice and clear, and not all fuzzy and crazy looking.  So the black that’s there isn’t part of the grass.  It’s part of the background so you can see the grass sliver way better.

Grass only gets green when it gets lots of good water and sunshine so it can be healthy, and when you’re healthy you’re happy, so the grass sliver must be from a happy lawn somewhere close to the person that made that picture from the slide.

That means only one thing:  If you want to be happy with a big smile and big happy eyes and happy hair that jumps up on the top of your head because you’re so happy, you have to make sure you’re healthy, and that means gets lots of good water and sunshine every single day.  And food.  I forgot to say food before but I know that people put food that’s good for making plants and grass grow better and stay healthy, and that’s the same for people.  We need good food that makes us healthy, too.

So the next time you think that you’re too big to be happy or you don’t think it’s so important to eat good food and get lots of good water and soak up a lot of good sunshine, just remember this picture of the sliver of grass because that sliver of grass could be you.


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